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How to do SEO of your website


You have to research strong keywords

Keyword Analysis

If you want people are the search your keywords you have to be research that keywords which are they want to search.

  • Don’t expect that you know what consumers need.
  • The best keyword tools give a qualitative demand score that helps define the proportional value in focusing each catchphrase.
  • Keyword explore gives an understanding of the words and expression that purchasers utilize to determine your item.
  • Identified the catchphrase of your section themselves that genuine searchers use in their search inquiries.

Make arrangement your website

Make Arrangement

Understanding of what client need and the catchphrases they used to get those items and services, recognize pages on your site to address those search inquiries.

  • Each high-end medium-need watchword from your catchphrase research should receive a corresponding page to optimize on your website.
  • Web pages and their related keyword from the fundamental of your website design.

The Consistency of your content

Consistency of your content

The most crucial thing is that consistency of content on your website. It’s a very important part of your website and should be updated pages on weekly bases.

  • You don’t take up a blog or turn your concern into a publishing company by posting content every day.
  • You have to publish own content.

Analyze text on the page

Analyze text

You need to be careful here because search engines notice keyword stuffing and your website can be penalized for it. Sxiphone – Super Xpert Iphone – World’s Latest Tech Blog

  • You should be only using your target keywords and can use relevant synonyms.
  • Content where they make sense then it’s a good practice on the page.

Write Different Meta Description

Meta Description

While Meta descriptions don’t directly influence rankings, they do play a role in your click-through rates from the lookup results. When a user sees your web page in the search results, they’ll ensure your Meta description below the page title.

  • Always write relevant keywords on your Meta description for every page on your website.
  • If your Meta description keywords match the terms they searched will be in bold, helping draw their attention to your result.

 Keywords of images in <alt>tags

Keywords Alt

Spider don’t read your image that you put on your website but they do read their textual description in the <alt>tags, so if you have an image on your page, fill in the <alt>tags about the image with some keywords.

Keywords in headings

Keywords in headings
Keywords in headings

You try to put as many keywords in the headings and keep in mind that what you have said about your page is related to that particular keyword.

Use Paragraph for Different points

Try to tell every single point in different paragraphs. By doing this visitor likes reading your article. As well as the Google article considers high-quality article.

The most important thing, if we try to tell every point at a different point. So the visitor is interested in reading our post, Because of that, she read our full post. And our blog’s bounce rate is also reduced. This is vital for SEO.

Submit Sitemap

Sitemap Submit

After submitting a blog in search console, we have another task to do this. Let’s create a sitemap for our blog. And submit sitemap to search console. Sitemap is an xml file. What is the post in our blog? How many are publishers. This is information. And this is the advantage of sitemap. By submitting it Google indexes all of our posts easily.

Analyze your website’s backlinks

Backlink Analysis
All the backlinks of your competitors are right?
  • Precisely because they are placing higher than you in Google, it doesn’t mean necessarily intend that all their backlinks are good. The verity is that only some of their connections are worth repeating.


  • For any website, including your rivals, it’s impossible to have only good and quality backlinks.


  • You have found an opportunity to induce a new connection, you first have to analyze if the connection from that website will be useful for your SEO.

Generate backlinks reports for your client

Banklinks Site Ranking

  • An SEO report gives your client an easily-digestible overview of their site’s current SEO performance and how you plan to get it better.


  • The report should clearly indicate your customer how their site is performing and rationalize your current strategy.


  • One of the best ways to demonstrate your results is with data and metrics to help the client make sense of the large image and a professional SEO company understand quite well about their importance.

Content easy to read

If you require keeping users on your site longer, you need to make sure that your content is easy to understand. Hold back your sentences and paragraph short to improve readability. You should use also headings and bullet points to break up text and construct your content easy to skim.

Know your aim audience

Let think about whose searching for you. These are the people for whom you’re optimizing your website. These people are called your intended interest group, and so as to do your very own SEO, you should know them.

Build Social Sharing Networks

Social Sharing are very important to your site. The more you traffic will come from social media, you are ranking in Google will be as improvable.

If you build social site, then you have written the best article which the reader likes, and share it on social media.

Lots of sharing post of your targeting audience and catch up attraction.

Final Thoughts:

SEO has never been easy but it can bring an immense traffic and exposure to a business, if not correctly. A proper SEO not only help you bring organic traffic but it can also convert those traffic into paying customers. These were the process you can implement to do SEO & optimize your website for both users and search engines. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below: Tips on Creating A Solid SEO Plan For A New Website


Asha Jain is a Digital Marketing Executive at Digital Technology Institute situated in New Delhi. She likes to challenge herself, so she learns new things on a daily basis.

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