How to Market Your Print on Demand Merchandise on Facebook

How to Market Your Print on Demand Merchandise on Facebook

According to Statista, Facebook has had 2.5 billion active monthly users in the last quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, 32 percent of these users regularly engage with brands (SproutSocial, 2020).

The numbers suggest that Facebook is a perfect platform to advertise your business, but it is not as easy as one might think.

It comes down to how good you are at growing your profile and whether people find you interesting enough to consider spending money on the products you offer.

The tips in this article are great for both newcomers and those who already have some experience with Facebook.

Tip #1 – Finding the Right Product

What works for one platform will not necessarily work for others. Facebook has its own communities and it will take a while to test what kind of merchandise sells here.

When speaking about print on demand, Printify is clearly one of the best candidates. It is a Print on Demand & Drop Shipping Platform | 250+ Products, more than a thousand five-star reviews on Shopify, and almost 100 printing facilities in the world.

Sticking with Printify will give you plenty of options to work with and you can test to your heart’s content until you have the perfect formula.

Tip #2 – Actively Engage with Your Audience

Actively Engage with Your Audience

You will not find better opportunities to actively interact with your audience. Social media and Facebook, in particular, is great in this aspect since you can respond to comments, create groups, and offer your followers freebies via contests and giveaways.

It may not seem like that big of an advantage to work on this, but keeping your fans engaged and showing that there is a real person behind the channel is one of the most invaluable Facebook tips for business.

Tip #3 – Focus on Posting High-Quality Images and Copies

Visuals play a prominent role and so does text copies. The former is extra important because you are promoting print on demand merchandise – something that would not sell if the images on the products themselves would not look good.

As for a well-written ad copy, it further strengthens the entire post and helps attract more attention. Keep in mind that this is a very tough thing to do properly, and hiring a freelancer who specializes in copywriting is common.

Tip #4 – Cooperate with Facebook Influencers

Actively Engage with Your Audience

Influencers are well-known for how much of an impact they can make. A positive shoutout from the right influencer will bring a lot of benefits.

Do not aim for the A-tier celebrities when looking for an influencer, though. They cost too much and convincing them to work together is a pain in the first place. Instead, try micro-influencers who have a very specific audience and are more cost-efficient.

Tip #5 – Make Use of Facebook Shop

A shop button is one of the most recent social media marketing trends for business. Facebook has the “Shop” button as well, and adding one to your page is free.

Add images, descriptions, prices, and links to the website to display products directly on the Facebook profile. People can browse through your collection without the need to leave Facebook, and once they find something of interest, they can click on the link and get redirected to the store.

Tip #6 – Stick to a Schedule

Stick to a Schedule

It can be problematic to have a schedule where you post at least once every day, especially in cases where there is not enough content. Nevertheless, a healthy Facebook profile needs consistency.

For starters, narrow down the time frames which bring the most engagement every day. Knowing the best time to post will make the most out of every piece of content. Looking at a bigger picture, it certainly helps when you cannot produce that many posts.

Finally, if you still end up running out of ideas, consider sharing relevant articles from other websites, carry out a survey in the form of a poll, or even ask your audience for help by announcing that you are open to post their content in a form of a contest with great prizes.

Tip #7 – Strive to Create Effective Ads

It is one thing to get people to notice ads, but quite another to get them to click on the ads. Consumers are becoming smarter and they subconsciously skim past ads.

Hands-on experience and testing are the way to go if you want to benefit from a successful ad campaign on Facebook. Tap into seasonal things, trends, look for inspiration from the competition and do everything else you can to come up with the best possible ads.

Tip #8 – Ensure That Your Landing Pages Are Relevant

A landing page has to match the ad. Do not get in the habit of fooling people and disappointing them whenever a landing page offers something entirely different than the ad suggested. Such frustration from customers will only lead to a loss of your brand’s reputation.

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