How to create a good dating profile to find the love of your life

How to create a good dating profile to find the love of your life?

How can you attract the attention of the members of the dating platform you are registered to? Due to the fact, the user profile is the first and often the only thing ladies can see – you should pay particular attention to it. Don’t waste your chance to make a good impression on potential conversationalists, skipping this step.

The tips and tricks placed in this article will clarify what really matters in creating a good dating profile. Bring them to life following the link, right after you have read the text.

#1. Pictures

Photos are the hallmark of every profile. It is widely known that people fall in love with their eyes and only then consider the inner world of a potential partner. Therefore, if your appearance doesn’t seem attractive to a lady – then she will not begin to communicate with you. Follow these tips when choosing the pictures to upload:

Your profile must include only high-quality photos (5–7 would be sufficient).

All pictures should be new: made no earlier than 6-10 months ago.

It is excellent if you upload both professional and real-life ones.

Don’t overfill your photos with filters and editors – it won’t make them look natural.

The point is to choose the photos with a genuine smile and a friendly look.

#2. Text

You need to highlight, but at the same time, masterfully demonstrate the most appealing elements of your personality. The About Me section can be filled out under these basic rules:

The text should be simple, straightforward, but at the same time captivating.

The initial sentences are the most important: you need fascinating details, a particularity, a feeling, an unusual fact about you.

Things you write should not be routine and dull.

Add a bit of humor and intrigue.

Let’s give an example, “My name is Mike. In a relationship, I don’t like to make things complicated. But this does not prevent me from loving complex aromas, exact sciences, and appreciating simple truths. I am always in a good mood. Why? I will reveal this secret when we meet!”

However, there are also points where you shouldn’t get too creative. Namely, it is better to indicate your real name. Not Johnny Boy and not Prince Charming – just use the one written on your ID card.

In the age field, you should not fantasize too. Do you really want to start a relationship with a lie? Sooner or later, your woman will find out the truth. On the other hand, if you hide your age – it doesn’t mean anything good for you, as well. It is to say that you do not accept yourself and experience insecurities about this. The city also needs to be indicated as real, although you can search everywhere in the world.

If there is a field about work, just mention your occupation (without unnecessary details).

In the column of what you are looking for – write, communication and online friendship, eventually serious relationships. You can also say that you dream of marriage, starting a family if this is the case.

One of the most popular questions among singles worldwide is a pretty trivial one. Is it worth reporting that you have children in your profile, or is it better to wait during the private chat? The experts are certain, though – you should not hide the fact you have kids. You can and should mention this in your profile. So at the initial stage, you will weed out those who are not ready for a relationship with a man with little ones and save your time and nerves.

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