Digital Marketing for Small Business How to Build a Social Media Presence

Digital Marketing for Small Business : How to Build a Social Media Presence?

No business can survive online without digital marketing. Companies have understood this, and they’re investing hefty amounts in digital marketing agencies, social media marketers, and content writers. They are sharpening their SEO game to get the best possible results.

All this allows them a foot forward in the race with their competitors. The tragedy is that some businesses have more money than most competitors. They can afford paid advertisement, paid clicks, and paid marketing. This grants them more visitors, which means more conversions.

Does this mean that small businesses can’t have all that? Absolutely not. There’s one that digital marketing offers that is totally free-social media.

It takes no money to build an Instagram or Twitter account, and you have thousands of potential customers right at your fingertips. Here, your creativity speaks more than money, and one viral reel can blow up your business.

Why Build a Social Media Presence for Your Business?

Popular marketing companies like SEMrush, HubSpot, and Content Marketing Institute keep researching trends and statistics to improve their functionality. Small businesses can take the following notes from this research to create a brilliant strategy:

This data proves if businesses are not working hard to build an online presence, they will be left behind in the competition. It’s no choice anymore; it’s a necessity.

Step-by-step Guide to Building a Social Media Presence

A solid social media campaign doesn’t appear overnight. Building a social media presence takes time and effort. You start with no followers and climb the ladder to a million of them. Once people begin to recognize you, they’ll find your product in no time.

Suppose you’re a B2B business offering supplies to other companies. A person looking for candle making fragrance is more likely to look for it on Instagram because many influencers market it via their handle. That’s how you use influencer marketing on social media to attract customers.

Let’s understand how you can do that so your small business can gain a lot of traction.

Step 1: Choose at least two platforms to post content

Small Businesses should focus on two platforms at a time. Unlike established companies, you might have the luxury of creating a full-blown online marketing campaign. But you also can’t stick to one platform only. Choose on images and videos-based platforms like Instagram and one text-based like Twitter so you have a balance.

Step 2: Research what your audience wants

The best to understand the trick of the trade is to look at what your competitors are doing. See how many reels they post, what problems they solve with their content, and what hashtags they use. It really helps in building the fundamentals of your scheme.

Step 3: Create a posting schedule

Social media is not random; it sure looks like a person posted randomly, but it doesn’t work that way. It might work for people doing it for fun but not for businesses. Create a proper schedule that tells you when to post a static post, reel, or carousel. Jot down the number of times you’re going to post in a week.

Note: Many influencers will tell you to post every day. Remember that consistency matter more than regularity. You can post three times a week but then maintain the same numbers. That’s all that matters.

Step 4: Engage

Don’t post and ghost. Social media is meant to engage with people. Reply to comments, tag friends, talk to people who engage with your content, share things you like (but stick to your niche), and mention people who inspire you. You can hire an engagement expert to do all this so you can focus on your business. Even if you’re tight on budget, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You must look at the bigger picture.

Step 5: Automate

As a small business owner, you won’t have time to reply about price and delivery time. So it’s better to automate these questions. You can get automation software for Instagram to do this.

Online presence is no more a choice for businesses. Brands must work with creatives to create a strategic marketing campaign for social media. For a small business, online presence is the holy grail that’ll get the sales in the long run. Social media presence is about making a name for yourself and your brand. Once people identify you, your small business will thrive.

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