How much does it cost to build an app like Uber

How much does it cost to build an App like Uber?

What Is Uber?

Uber is an American Transportation Network Company. The San Francisco based startup is currently in more than 50 countries and 700+ cities. Their primary function? They have an on-demand ride-hailing application where both riders and drivers can register.

The Customers will request ride requests from the Uber App and Drivers will get a ride in their mobile apps. This is an innovation, that over some 7 years, To Use this app both customers and drivers both have to download the app in their iPhone and Android Apps. Uber has created job opportunities for all drivers. Now it’s easy for all who don’t have care at home and ride with family in your own city.

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How to use the Uber App?

• Create an account
• Enter your destination
• Meet your driver
• Check your ride
• Sit back and relax
• Rate your trip

UBER App for Passenger:

• Booking a taxi for a ride from the App.
• The tracking availability of drivers.
• Integrating Google Map to set pick up and drop location.
• Fare calculation.
• Selection of cab type.
• Live to track of a cab after its booking like cab start, arrival, etc.
• Integration of Payment option for performing the payment.
• Booking history
• Review and ratings
• Text or call facility to driver
• Estimated fair calculation and promo code

These were some basic factors. Other factors include,

1. Development Team It consists of:

• UI/UX Designer
• iOS Developer
• Android Developer (if an app needs to be developed on both platforms)
• Backend Developer
• Project Manager
• QA Engineer

2. Time Taken To Build An App On iOS (Approx)

• Design up to 1 month
• Development up to 6 to 7 months
• Project Manager 10% of development time
• QA Engineer 30% of development time
• Backend Developer

3. Cost To Develop App On iOS

• Design up to $5000(Approx)
• Development up to $ 50,000 (Approx)
• Project Manager 15%
• QA Engineer 20%
• Backend Developer $40,000 (Approx)

How to Download the Uber App? To download the Uber App, go to the below link:

App Store
Google Play


Are you interested in or If you want to develop a full-scale iOS App like UBER including all the above components then, it may cost you around $7,000 to $300,000 approximately? To get the right cost to develop an App in both platforms ios and Android then connect with a mobile app development company. Who has experience in mobile app development services? With this article, we only show a few guidelines about developing a Uber App.

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