How can I not be prohibited from transferring coins

How can I not be prohibited from transferring coins?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a mode in FIFA that enables players to build teams from the entire league to play online and offline. Players win coins during play to buy packs with random players or to buy better players. It was relatively easy in the past to transfer the coins from one account to another, but today it is a risky business. Players may get banned, or they can lose all their hard-earned coins. Now, you have to be very careful during transferring FIFA coins from one account to another.

Why buy FIFA 20 coins?

FIFA players know very well that FIFA packs and points do not payout. You need to play a console game, have to sell your players, and need to complete challenges to earn a few of the FIFA 20 coins. Just think that from 12,000 FIFA points, it would be your good luck to get back 100k only. So, buying or transferring FIFA coins is the best possible option available.

Why buying, selling, and transferring of coins is banned?

EA has established few rules for players to provide them equally good playing experience. FIFA has its safe buying and selling environment that gamers use to get players for their Ultimate Team. To avoid inflation in the FIFA economy, transferring coins from one account to another and buying coins from the third party is banned.

But it is also a fact that sometimes it becomes inevitable to buy FIFA coins. You need to be super alert when buying, selling, or transferring these games money. Otherwise, you will lose your entire previous progress with already earned, purchased, or transferred coins. You may also get restricted permanently to play your favorite game.

Safe methods to transfer FIFA 20 coins:

Fortunately, there are few ways to transfer FIFA 20 coins safely from one account to another account. The methods are still pretty much the same as older ones, and these FIFA coin clubs offer the safest ways to transfer coins to the gamers. There are four safe ways to transfer coins from one account to another for almost everyone. These are:

1. Limited amount transfer
2. Use of Gold Card
3. Bidding Method
4. Trusted and reliable coin supplier (Comfort Transfer)
5. Limited Amount Transfer:

This safe method has some restrictions and limitations, but it is still the most reliable method of coins transfer. In this method, the player transfers a small number of coins instead of a considerable amount to another account. Regular transfers of small coins installments from one account to another sometimes may make a player appear suspicious and can get them banned.

1. Use of Gold Card:

Players consider it a tedious method, but it actually works, and coin suppliers also use this method to transfer coins. One needs to buy non-rare Gold Cards from any premier league and have to list those fewer than 10k coins. From another account now purchase these cards one by one. Of course, it is a lengthy process, but safety is ensured in this method.

1. Bidding Method:

For coins transfer from one account to another, this method is the first choice of all experienced players. It is not a very much complicated method and careful bidding at the right time or, in the last time, makes it safer. A player needs to list their team player on their main account with minimum start price and maximum buying price. Then wait for the bid come to an end, and from their second account, they place a bid on the card that has few thousand coins short than card’s maximum price.

EA never check or flag a card that just ends with the bid. For more safety, it is recommended to bid on the card in the last minutes to avoid the risk of being banned. Avoid bidding when there is a lot of time left for bidding to end and remember bidding over the current market price merely is an invitation to the trouble.

1. Try stable FUT coins supplier:

This is the most popular as well as a safe method of FIFA coins transfer. Buying and selling of FIFA coins are too comfortable with this method without any risk of ban. The only essential is to have a trusted and reliable coins supplier. In this method, the player sells their coins to the coins supplier then purchases these coins from the supplier from another account. In addition to it, coin suppliers use player auction P2P, player auction 3.0, and Comfort Trade methods to transfer the coins. This method involves additional costs also, but the risk of losing all the coins or getting banned is wholly eliminated.

There are several platforms available that offer coin transfer services with 99.9% safety guaranteed and speedy delivery. is one of those most reliable and appreciated coin transfer platforms that are extremely popular among FIFA coins buyers because of their quality services.

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