How Can Apps Help Small Businesses Modernize?

Small businesses form the cornerstone of the world’s economy. They make up almost all the businesses in the United States and employ countless people. However, a small business can only afford to hire so many people.

According to statistics from the Small Businesses Administration, small businesses comprise 99 percent of all enterprises in the company. But these small companies only have an average of 10 employees, with millions having even fewer. Microbusinesses only have one employee, who is usually the founder and owner.

The previous year has been a dreadful challenge to the survival of small businesses, and many have had to modernize to ensure their continued existence. If you run a small business with only a handful of employees, you may want to consider using lots of apps.

Why Use Apps?

Only a decade ago, many businesses could make do with only a minimum amount of digitization. Maybe they will have a business email or use word processors to write letters and make publications. Today, most small businesses need technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Everyone from services for contract delivery to mom-and-pop stores now use different forms of technology in their operations.

Below are some of the most compelling reasons for your small business to use apps in day to day processes.

A one-man operation presents plenty of problems since you will have to do the work of an accountant, do the inventory, pack and ship your products as well as keep track of manufacturing. Naturally, you may be overwhelmed by all these responsibilities. Using apps can help free up your time and let you focus on more important tasks.

For example, if you don’t have to worry about calculating your finances because of an electronic wallet, you can turn your attention to dealing with customer experience or something else. Even if you don’t work alone and have a few employees, apps can considerably lessen the burden they have to bear.

The economic shift caused by the pandemic has made it difficult for small businesses to afford staying open, much less paying a new hire to take on some responsibilities. Not only does a new employee mean a drain on your already endangered cash flow, but it can also take days if not weeks for this new employee to fully understand their job.

Using an app can be the cheaper and more effective alternative.

Instead of hiring someone to take over your inventory management, an app can only take a couple of days to master and only cost you a couple dozen dollars. The right apps can help a team of five accomplish as many goals as 10 people without costing your business any money or time.

Keeping track of a small business’s finances, monitoring employee’s leaves and trying to contact everyone in a secure channel can be challenging. Without a digital solution, you can be hard-pressed organize anything. A messy business can lead to poor performance.

For example, you may not be able to order from suppliers because you’re too busy dealing with another problem or you can lose track of how much money you have in your funds.

Apps can help keep things organized and ensure your business processes are well-documented. You can easily refer to apps if you want to check in on your money, contact employees through secure messaging channels and accomplish a hundred different things without risking the organization of your business.

When you are the only employee of a small business or one of a handful of people working in one, you may find that people tend to do the task at hand without paying attention to streamlining. Maybe you do financial tasks in the morning before taking care of inventory right before lunch and making products the rest of the day. This is chaotic and could be seriously hampering your business’s potential.

Apps help you and other employees stay on track. They can improve the way you work and provide valuable insights to your operations. For example, using information drawn from apps, you may discover that you need to focus on vamping your marketing rather than doing you finances.

Small businesses were among the hardest hit by the pandemic. If your small business is still struggling to recover from the previous year, apps can be the cost-effective solution you need.

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