Latest Pricing Trends in Home Construction

Home Building Has Been Expensive This Year

The worldwide epidemic changes everything, even actual construction prices. According to the most recent PSA statistics, the cost of building per square meter is lower in 2020 than it was in 2019. COVID-19 has impacted people’s lives. Many individuals have lost their employment or cannot finance construction because money has been diverted to more pressing needs such as food and medical care. As a consequence of reduced requests for building materials and services, prices fall, as is the basic rule of supply and demand.

However, the epidemic will not last forever. As a result, individuals may still follow their aspirations of buying or constructing their own homes. So, returning to the actual question: what would your ideal house cost you?

How Much Does a House Usually Cost?

The size of the structure mainly determines the cost of building a home in the Philippines. However, a single-family house’s national average construction cost varies between Php 15,000 and Php 20,000 per square meter. Multiply this figure by the number of square meters you want in your new home, and you’ve got an approximate cost estimate for house building.

Meanwhile, according to Langdon & Seah Philippines Inc.’s 2016 Construction Cost Handbook, terraced houses and ordinary standard residences (one to two bedrooms) are expected to have construction prices ranging between Php25,700 to Php31,000 per square meter.

The building cost of detached homes and high-end dwellings, on the other hand, ranges between Php 53,900 and Php 63,150 per square meter. According to Langdon and Seah, these figures already include the costs of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. These numbers are budgetary and are based on an ambitious projection.

Of course, the larger your home is and the more expensive your materials are, the greater the cost of house building per square meter. Keep in mind that this cost estimate excludes items like light fittings, grilling, a security fence with a gate, landscape, and apparent expenses such as home design fees and construction permit processing fees.

What Affects the Price

According to CM Builders, a more comprehensive cost estimate may be provided only once the layout and design of the home have been completed. Many factors would have to be addressed, particularly for home builders in the Philippines who are worried about pricing. What kind of finish do you want for your home? Do you like a more traditional type of finish? Or would you like something more elegant?


It would be best to consider the schedule, which is another element that pushes up building costs per square meter in the Philippines. If you need to complete the home quickly, you’ll need more personnel than is usually required to fulfill the initial building date that you’ve set. A hastily built structure is not inexpensive.


Another aspect to consider is the location of your property. If your lot is lower than the road level, it will increase the cost of constructing your own home since you will need to purchase extra materials for the landfill. Similarly, if your lot is on a sloping slope, more materials and labor would be required.

Using the abovementioned building estimated costs in the Philippines, you should spend between Php 3 million and Php 4 million for a typical kind of home with approximately 200 square meters of floor. In addition, you should also look into solid polycarbonate sheet prices. Again, the cost of building a home in the Philippines will vary based on various factors. The more space and amenities you desire in your home, the more worth you’ll have to spend.

The cost of purchasing or constructing a home is determined by its location, size, and design. However, if all other factors are equal, it will be cheaper to build a house at first since you will be able to avoid paying broker fees, transfer taxes, and developer profits. On the other hand, purchasing a home entails a set payment.

Even if you want to construct, even if you wish to pay all of your costs, unforeseen costs will be along the road. Going over budget means that the building cost estimates at the start will most likely be significantly different from when you complete your project. This is why, if you have a limited budget, it is better to purchase a home and consider constructing a house when you have more money.

To summarize, the cost of building a house in the Philippines is determined by the design and style of the residence. Going to architects and getting preliminary estimates is the best method to determine whether your budget is sufficient. Begin your home-building end eavor right now.

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