Hair Removal Options for Men

Hair Removal Options for Men: You Have More Than You Think

Before, hair removal used to be a “female-only” thing. Unless you were a cyclist, swimmer, bodybuilder, exotic dancer or a K-Pop celebrity, chances are your body hair remained untouchable. Today, though, that’s no longer the case.

More men are choosing to pamper themselves with the same grooming services women enjoy – and that includes body hair removal, both permanent and temporary. A growing number of men seek waxing services to shape their eyebrows or clean up the areas around their ears or the back of their neck.

Unlike women, however, men are often confused with how they should get rid of the excess hair in their bodies.

You could be one of them. The good news is that you have options when it comes to hair removal. Here are some of them:


How Does It Work?

Initially, many men are repulsed at the idea of using sticky and gooey wax to rip off hair from the skin. Today’s waxing places use soy waxes, which are creamy lotions that only adhere to the hair, not to the skin. An esthetician will use a specially-prepared cloth on top of the mixture. Once they rip off the cloth, your hair will be gone.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on the area and the amount of hair. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

How Are The Results?

The results can last for about four to six weeks.

When Should You Get Waxed?

Waxing is ideal for eyebrow shaping and removing hair on the neck, ears, underarms, arms and legs. You can also wax hair from your groin area. Take note, though, this process can be painful.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

Waxing sessions can cost from $10 to $70.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How Does It Work?

This option uses laser light energy to kill the root by penetrating the hair shaft. This doesn’t kill the follicle (the place where hair growth happens) but it can be difficult for new hair to start growing in its place. Simply put, laser hair removal guarantees longer results.

How Long Does It Take?

Each treatment can take up to 30 minutes, which makes it a perfect treatment for people with busy schedules. You, however, have to set days for the next seven sessions. You need up to eight treatments to achieve the full results.

How Are The Results?

You should complete all eight sessions of the treatment to achieve semi-permanent results. Annual or bi-annual touch-up treatments help maintain your results.

When Should You Get Laser Hair Removal?

This is an ideal solution for men who want to remove the hair on their shoulders, chest, groin area and back. It also works best on men with light skin and dark hair. If you have white or blond body hair (even dirty blond hair colour), you might want to re-think your hair removal options.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

This usually costs $400 to $500 per session.


How Does It Work?

An esthetician will use an ultra-slim needle to penetrate the hair shafts. The needle delivers tiny electric shocks to the hair follicle, killing the cells that encourage hair growth. Since the hair is gone, it won’t grow again.

How Long Does It Take?

Electrolysis treatments are relatively short; they often last from 10 to 20 minutes. If you want to remove a lot of hair, though, you’ll need weekly treatments.

How Are The Results?

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis offers a more permanent result.

When Should You Get Electrolysis?

If you are planning to remove hair from a small patch of your body, that’s OK. Electrolysis is a time-consuming treatment so it’s best to focus on small areas first. If you want to remove hair on your genital area, a local anesthetic can numb the pain.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can expect to shell out anywhere from $30 to 100 per session.

Cream Hair Removers/Depilatories

How Does It Work?

An esthetician uses a chemical compound suspended in cream or gel base to attack the hair’s proteins and dissolve them. This causes the hair to fall out instantly.

How Long Does It Take?

Each session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The esthetician lets the compound sit on your skin for five minutes.

How Are The Results?

The results can last from a week to several weeks.

When Should You Use Depilatories or Cream Removers?

Depilatories and cream hair removers are perfect for your arms, chest, legs and back. The skin on your genitals and brows may be too sensitive for this treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

Salon treatments can cost between $25 and $50. A DIY kit can cost from $10 to $20.

Consider the breakdown of your options above so you can decide which treatment will work for you.

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