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A Helpful Guide to Buying A Sideboard

A sideboard is a freestanding piece of furniture that can really be placed anywhere in your home but is most commonly found in the kitchen or dining room. Although the sideboard is often considered a vintage piece, it is a strong staple of the modern home. If you’re looking to enhance your space’s style and functionality further, follow these pointers for purchasing a new sideboard today:

Your two main considerations are style and storage. By carefully thinking about the look and practicality of your piece you’ll be headed in the right direction.


The look of your sideboard will be one of the first points that you jump to but before you settle on a particular piece, consider the impacts of a few different furnishing styles:

Modern: This furniture echoes the aesthetics of the modernist movement in the early 1900s. Its defined by very sleek and stylish edges, with materials like leather and acrylic featuring often.

Traditional: Traditional furniture is inspired by the Victorian era and has an extravagant look to it. With rich textiles, dramatic woods and extended lines this style is formal in feel.

Contemporary: This style is often confused with modern furniture however the contemporary refers to the most up to date styles. For a contemporary look, you’ll want to explore up-to-date trends and fresh styles in the homewares sector.

Classic: For a classic look, furniture should be timeless. Classic pieces are usually very understated and elegant, characterized by clean edges and delicate neutrals.

French Country: French Country is a great look for a homely atmosphere. This style sheds all contemporary influences, with curved lines and natural materials like wood and cotton embodying the great outdoors of classic France.

Industrial: The industrial look is a combination of rural, Tuscan elements with a modern twist. You will find warm tones mixed with iron and other metals for a style with a big visual and atmospheric impact.

Shabby Chic: Famous for its light charm, shabby chic furniture style is both fresh and classic at the same time. For the right vibe, you’ll need to pick a piece that’s white with some obvious wear and tear to it.

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Once you’ve had an explore of the classifications of different styles, you’ll be able to make an informed choice. Be sure that your sideboard is going to blend harmoniously into your home by picking one that is in the same style as your other furniture.


When selecting your sideboard it’s important to consider the amount of storage you’ll be needing, and where you’ll need it.

If you have a spacious dining room or area, then stash your sideboard against a wall that’s close to the table. storage By positioning your item a comfortable distance from the centerpiece you’ll be sure to get the most function out of your investment. With a whole room for dining, you can find yourself a larger piece of furniture that makes more of a visual statement. You can also check this ultimate guide for the best storage ideas.

Will your sideboard be furnishing your kitchen instead? There are so many Interior design ideas available to make it batter kitchen. Opt for a more organic shape and material, such as a worn timber. This will establish a relaxed and earthy feel for your dining experiences. Although your kitchen is most likely already stocked with plenty of storage cabinets and shelves, you can still make the most out of your sideboard by storing the items that you use most often for dining. Place your pasta and cereal bowls away with serving spoons and pouring jugs to unlock its full potential.

Wherever your sideboard may be living, don’t forget the extra storage space on the surface. Position frames, lamps or other dining accessories for maximum organizational potential.

Be sure to consider your dining space as a whole. You’re going to want a cohesive look to the room, it’s your main spot for entertaining after all! Consider bagging a sideboard that’s in the same material or style as your other dining room elements, such as your showcasing cabinets, bookshelves or bar stools! Get shopping to find pieces that harmonize with one another, you’ll be so happy you did once it’s all put together beautifully!

Now that you’re fully versed in the variances and uses for a sideboard, it’s time to hunt down the perfect fit for you, head to a homewares store like 1825 Interiors to explore the options for your home.

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