Google Allo Your First Virtual Assistant from Google

Google Allo: Your First Virtual Assistant from Google

Recently the giant (Google) has introduced its new product called Google Allo also which aims to compete with apple’s Siri. Google is consistently working on its messenger projects, Google’s Hangout was running well, but it couldn’t hold the taste of the audience much longer in the market. This time, Google is coming with a new messaging app. recently in Google’s I/O event; the giant has announced its new app called Google Allo which comes with the virtual assistant feature. The project is ready and launched in the Google play store, in this article we’ve explained all the things which you need to know about Google Allo. So without giving further introductions, let’s get started.

Google Allo: What It Is?

In recent years. You might have seen that every giant tech company has launched its messaging android app like apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Facebook’s M; all performs the role of an assistant with distinct personalities. Each and everyone has given a different name and intelligence. However, to get the latest information about tech then visits Narutoget for all the latest stuff. To be frank, none of them works like Google Allo, but all of em give a feel that you can talk to.

We can say that Google Allo is an upgraded version or remaster of Google now. The main aim of Google Allo is to improve the search experience via its virtual assistant. Just like other messaging apps, you can chat with your friends or family anytime, anywhere, and also you can send video files or songs, TXT files, recordings, etc. The built-in assistant feature is a bonus for everyone. Google designed in such a way that it can respond according to your mood.

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One more impressive thing which makes Google Allo different from other messaging or assistant apps, suppose if you are chatting with a person, you can get suggestions from Google assistant, or answers to your questions.

Google Assistant: How Does It Work?

The developers have made a significant amount of improvements in the Google Allo project to improve the user experience. Allo will identify you with the help of your mobile number (You need to go through OTP verification to get started with Google Allo). You can’t use the same account on other devices. Also, Google hasn’t made Google Allo on the desktop or the web yet. And is available only in English, Later on, it will be available in other languages as well. Google Allo doesn’t have any contact list or friend list option; it will just read your primary contacts on the phone, if your contacts have installed Google Allo on their devices then, the contact will show up in your Google Allo account to start the chat.

Google Assistant

There are two ways to start a conversation with Google Assistant, First way. You can directly start chatting with it, or you can insert the assistant in your on-going conversation just by @Google followed by your question. Google Allo will track your location; track your conversations to respond audibly with relevant/right information for your query/question. Surprisingly talking to the assistant isn’t complicated or complex at all. All you need to do is just type your query or question; it will answer your questions within a few seconds. It can answers almost every question of you, like finding a nearby restaurant, shows upcoming flight information, emails, and much more. You can expect more of a virtual assistant rather than a search box; you can also book a table for dinner through Open Table.

After every response from Google Assistant, you’ll be suggested some more relevant questions underneath based on your earlier questions. Also, you’ll see thumbs-up, and thumbs down emoji after every reply of an assistant, choosing any one emoji will give feedback to the Assistant itself. Google has also given a personality to it; it’ll also tell bad jokes, games, and much more just like a human but not 100% accurate. Sometimes it just doesn’t understand you and responds with wrong or irreverent answers.

Google Assistant: When You Can Use It

Google Assistant will be available to help you as soon as you download the Google Allo from the play store. This means you can use it right now, But after 4th October Google assistant will be available elsewhere throughout Google’s ecosystem. We are not sure that Google Allo will replace Google now, or it will be running along with it. But probably it will be replacing Google now because of Google Allo all the things which now does.

Things That Google Assistant Can Do

Flight Tickets Booking: Google Assistant can also book flights for you, to book a flight, just type I need to fly to X (Enter your destinations in the place X). As you have given the permission of accessing your location, Google Assistant will show you upcoming flights from your location.

Check Emails: If you are feeling lazy to check your emails by going to your Gmail app, Google Assistant will show you a couple of emails. To check your mail just type show me my email and the assistant will respond to you with your emails within few seconds.

Check The Scores Of your Favourite Sports: Google Assistant can also show you the current scores of your favorite sports such as cricket, hockey, soccer, NBA, etc. Just type the name of the sport and add the word score after it. Google Assistant will reply to you back with the latest scores of the sport which you requested.

Share a Video: If you want to share a video with your friends or family, you have to open the browser and copy the link of the video, then again come back and paste the link. But Google Assistant can do all that work in just a few seconds, Just type @Google and the name of the song in the conservation, Google Assistant will plop that song or video right away in the chat.

Play Games: If you ever feel dull, and don’t want to mess up with the other apps on your phone, you can just ask the Google Assistant to start a game for you for your entertainment. To play a game in the app, just type I want to play a game, the assistant will reply to you back with two games i.e., Emoji Movies, Emoji Ride, Select anyone and start playing. You can also play these games in any conversation.


Google Allo can be the best messaging and virtual assistant app because it delivers a great experience and features to make you fall in love with it. Also, Google assistant will lot of works to save you time. Let’s see how Google will play the game. Keep an eye on our site to know the upcoming updates regarding the Google Allo Android app.

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