Google Ads Tips to Boost the Efficiency of Your Ad Campaign

Google Ads Tips to Boost the Efficiency of Your Ad Campaign

Experimentation is a popular keyword you hear when you search for tips on Google AdWords. And it’s true because each business is different and one thing that works for others might not work for you at all.

One of the most effective ways to figure out which strategies are best for your brand is to optimize Google Ads campaign using Clever Ads.

But if you are the curious type and want to try some new things for your ads campaigns by yourself or you need some inspiration to help you go a step forward with your strategy, these tips could be really useful.

Increase Your Quality Score

Quality Score is important for your ad campaign for various reasons. One of the most important ones is that it helps you increase your ad rank and enhances your chances of taking a higher place on the first page of Google Search, no matter what you run – either you want to rank your blog on Google or make your e-store more popular. Google keeps track of how relevant your content is and the more relevant it is, the higher ad rank you’ll have.

The other reason is that it saves you money, especially if you are using a cost-per-click method. Simply said, if your content goes along with your ad, you have nothing to worry about. But if it doesn’t, you’ll simply start losing money because people who search for something different will click on your ad, see what they don’t want to see, and leave.

To reach the best quality score possible, make sure you focus on two things: useful quality content and really relevant Google Ads that will link to different pages on your website. Also, make those links accurate. For example, if you run a shoe store and a person is looking for flip-flops, link it right to this sub-category. If you link the ad to a list of all of your shoes, there is a great chance your visitor will leave.

Use Branded Keywords

The situation is very different from branded keywords and it depends on how much brand-recognition does your brand has. If your brand still lacks recognition, it is always a great plan to build it – all you need is a good strategy. Surely this will take some time but it will help you build some strong keywords that will link only to your website or your distributor’s website, which is useful too.

So if you have the recognition you want already, you can take high advantage of it. This is because people who search for your brand keywords have much higher engagement conversion rates, thanks to the strong intent of those people. If people already searched for your brand, it means they are more likely to buy your product or service than somebody else’s.

More to it, branded keywords lead to high performing keywords and higher Quality Scores. All this is because it is more than easy to create ads that go along with your content – if you make an ad for your branded t-shirts, then you just link it to the t-shirts and it is very likely that it is 100% what your potential customer was searching for.

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Combine Branded and Unbranded Keywords

Use this formula to increase your quality score even more. You already know that branded keywords are great for your Quality Score but if your brand lacks recognition, the traffic rates might not be as significant as you want.

To improve this situation, use the advantages of abstract keywords that everybody is searching for and add a keyword of your brand.

For example, if a branded keyword is “Puma” and the unbranded one is “leggings”, this pair of keywords will show in the searches of people who are simply looking for leggings of any kind. This way, if a visitor chooses to click on your ad, it is very likely that he won’t leave your website because he will find just what he was looking for – leggings of any kind.

Use Geotargeting

Google gives you the possibility to make the bids of specific keywords higher or lower depending on the location. This can help you save a lot of money, especially if your business or service doesn’t sell in, let’s say, all countries.

For example, if you were selling air heaters, it is most likely that people who live in the tropics or other places where it’s hot all year round, won’t buy this product. But people in colder places, like Canada, might be more interested in buying it than some other countries.

To change up your bidding based on geolocation, click on Dimensions Tab, and choose your view as Geographic. This will separate and let you choose different countries, regions, or cities. You can also analyse your conversion rates in different locations to see where your product or service is performing the best and increase the bidding for this location even more.

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