Download Video From the Internet

11 Free Ways to Download Any Video from the Internet

There a plethora of online videos today. And they are not just there on video-specific sites like YouTube or streaming sites. Even on social media sites, you will see a gazillion videos being posted every day!

You visit a site to order appliances and there you see videos of how appliances are working. You go to Spectrum website and you behold a video displaying Spectrum Internet prices and packages in an interesting format. Without a doubt, video content is the future!

Downloading Videos

When it comes to downloading videos, there could be plenty of reasons behind. Sometimes, we just love a meme or a prank video so much that we want to download it and share it with friends. Other times, we don’t have time to watch some video instantly. And therefore, we want to download it and watch it at our leisure. Since most of the video content today is embedded into the webpages, it’s not easy to download online videos.

Remember the old hack of “justify click” and “Save as”? Well, it doesn’t work well anymore. But, there are other and better ways. And we are going to help you and make downloading videos surprisingly easy!

Top 11 Free Video Downloaders

1. SaveFrom.
2. FastestTube.
3. Instagram Downloader.
4. DownloadTwitterVideo.
5. FB Down.
6. FB Down Private.
7. KeepVid.
8. YooDownload.
9. VideoGrabby.
10. OnlineVideoConverter.
11. ClipConverter.
Let’s know them better.


It is a YouTube-specific web downloader. But it is different and more convenient than most of the other YouTube video downloaders. When you are watching a YouTube video and feel like saving it, all you need to do is to add “ss” in the URL before “YouTube”.

The URL will change from to
Simple and easy web trick to download any video from YouTube.


FastestTube is another downloader for YouTube videos that is arguably the least complex. It is a browser extension that adds a proper download button to your YouTube. You can simply find it around the bottom justify corner of YouTube videos. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Instagram Downloader

Instagram was first known as a photo-sharing social media forum. Later it added the videos and stories as well. Instagram Downloader allows you to download any video from Instagram in no time.

Download Twitter Video

We are going to give you site-specific tools for every social media site that you use. Download Twitter Video allows you to pull off videos from your favorite social network, Twitter. Simply paste the URL of your desired tweet that contains the video. You have the choice of saving that video in the formats of MP3, MP4 HD, and MP4.

FB Down

How can we leave Facebook? Around 1.74 billion people across the globe use Facebook. And video content is a rage on the said social media forum. FB Down is a Facebook-specific video download tool. It has a Chrome extension too. You can simply use that button instead of having to leave the homepage of the said social media forum.

FB Down Private

A subsection of the aforementioned FB Down, FB Down Private deserves to be mentioned separately. The said app allows you to grab videos from the private accounts on Facebook. It is possible even if the video is not visible natively.

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If you want to order a private video, simply go to that video’s page and press CTRL and U. this is let you see the source code. Paste that code into FB Down Private and you are good to go.


We are not just going to site-specific downloaders. KeepVid is compatible with 28 sites. It even covers different educational resources such as Lynda. It also covers news outlets such as NBC and ABC. It supports entertainment sites like Break and Ebaumsworld. Copy and paste the links of your desired videos into KeepVid site. You can download videos in around 150 different formats.


This one is a competitor of KeepVid and the likes of it. It supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter,, Twitter, and Soundcloud.


It has to be the most simple-to-use web app on our list. It allows you to download videos justify from various internet forums. It is compatible with a good number of popular video websites. All you need to do is to simply type your desired video’s link and hit GO!


Most of these web apps work in a similar way. This one supports LiveLeak, YouTube, TeacherTube, College Humor, VK, and many more.


In addition to many other online platforms, which we have mentioned, ClipConverter can grab off videos from social networks like MySpace. You can enjoy a browser add-on too that is compatible with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

You can go for any of these tools but the downloading will not be efficient enough unless you have high-speed internet. I have used almost all of these tools with my Spectrum high-speed Internet and they work just great. I was able to download some of my favorite videos in a matter of seconds. You should take advantage of them too!

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