Flutter Apps Showcase

Flutter Apps: Showcase

Flutter cross-platform network has become popular among developers since it was released in 2017. It uses the Dart programming language, which does not need a communication link between the network and components of the platform. Flutter grants developers the opportunity to develop great apps that perform like native ones. Apps on this cross-platform network are made up of widgets. It comes with a broad library of them, and you can tweak or adjust every element according to your needs.

Most companies have used this cross-platform network to build their apps. Some of the industries that have benefited a lot include e-commerce, mobile banking, and food delivery. Here is a review of top apps built with Flutter.


BMW’s internal team developed this app to replace the BMW Connected app. An official press release from the company stated that the application acts as a ‘universal interface with the car.’ This particular app allows a user to check the status of their car remotely. Some of the information they get include battery charge, amount of fuel left, and location.

The app also alerts the vehicle owner if their automobile needs any technical service like an oil change. Depending on the car model, Remote 3D View and Remote Services let the car owner view the areas around the vehicle and lock or unlock the doors using the app.

My BMW app combines with Amazon Alexa and supports its voice service. If you want to plan a route with your phone, the information will automatically be sent to your vehicle’s navigation system. Cloudification of the app comes with a wide range of benefits. Some steps of the development procedure were automated by MS Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. The app’s build grants developers the opportunity to get rid of probable errors or bring out new functions without the need for users to download a new version of the application.

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It would be wrong not to mention Google apps built on the cross-platform network, which their in-house team also developed. Google developed many apps with Flutter. They include Google Assistant, gaming app Stadia, and Google Ads application.

Google Ads app is a great online marketing platform for a phone. It allows you to manage your campaigns on the go, sends suggestions on the necessary campaign improvement and prompt alerts, and gives you a detailed summary of the performance of your ads. You will get vital analytics information such as clicks, conversions, impressions, and many more. The app also offers fast support from the Google Ads team.

The Hole

It is a video streaming application developed by Surf for Russia’s largest YouTube publisher, Medium Quality. The company is known for producing many shows and has an audience of 16.2 million subscribers with over 920 million views. With this app, you can access most of their video content on your smartphone. Videos filmed vertically and horizontally will be cropped automatically. Apart from video streaming, users also get interactive series and quizzes to select plot turns independently.

The decision to have the app built on Flutter was because user interface (UI) animations and smooth transitions are vital for a good user experience. This allowed the company to save over 40% of its budget, which is fair compared to developing two native apps. Surf designed the app in a month, and it took three months to build it.

The application’s backend is designed to load over 25,000 requests per second, and a web application running on React + Ant Design is used for managing content. Surf used the ClickHouse cloud database to get real-time analytics. They use it to store user events. Many exciting ideas found their way into the long-term roadmap of the project during the app’s beta testing. They will be implemented in the upcoming versions of the application.

Tencent Apps

The Chinese multinational conglomerate has some apps built with Flutter. A perfect example is the English AITeacher app, which uses AI technology to set an online English teaching program designed for students’ abilities and needs. Another one is the Now Live app, a live-streaming and video broadcasting application. Mr.Translator app gives you a detailed foreign language dictionary as well as language learning assistance and simultaneous voice interpretation.

Ding Dang is another Tencent app that uses AI technology. The voice assistant app provides help with daily tasks such as scheduling, weather reports, music, and news. Tencent developers utilized several visual assets like icon fonts, Flare, and SVG in their applications while maintaining a stable 60 FPS. This was made possible by the high-performance engine of the cross-platform network.

Rosbank Business

It is the first Russian banking app on Flutter and the second worldwide. Surf developed the app in collaboration with the Rosbank internal team. The Rosbank team played an essential role in providing a’ smart bank’s product vision and idea.’ This application aids Rosbank clients with various financial issues. Clients can access payment information at hand, be reminded to pay taxes and get notified about incoming bills. The banking app has an easy-to-use interface that allows them to make quick payments from scratch. This is possible in just three taps.

The initial authorization into a banking application for corporate clients is usually a complex process because of security requirements. Surf released its app as an updated version to the old one to offer smooth migration to the new application. Clients don’t have to go through the difficult authorization process once again.

The bank’s app was developed using the standard SurfGear build like other apps developed by Surf. After launching the app, this made it easy to shift the project to the bank’s internal developer team.

The New York Times App

It is the second most popular app in Apple’s App Store under the Newspaper and Magazines category. NYT app allows users to customize their news feed depending on their interests. It also has the ‘Morning & Evening Briefings’ section with stories making headlines across the globe and daily podcasts.

The app experiments with creative storytelling styles to boost user engagement. It uses augmented reality and shares news headlines with a linked smartwatch. Certain app features like Ken Puzzle were written once, and the single code base was used on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web, thanks to Flutter.


KFC Digital Successful Routine (DSR) is a corporate mobile app developed to convert the restaurants’ business tasks from lots of paperwork to a seamless digital format. The app aids Shift Supervisors, Area Coaches, and Restaurant General Managers with multiple tasks:

● Filling regular reports and checklists
● Regulating staff devotion to the restaurant’s operating standards.
● Tracking KPIs

The choice of Flutter as an app’s framework saved the company a lot of money. A higher percentage (95%) of the app users use Android phones, while main personnel mostly use iOS. The cross-platform network allowed developing apps for all platforms from one code set and cut budget costs on purchasing employee mobile phones.

This app uses a comprehensive system of view permissions, so employees can only access the necessary information for their job. For example, an Area Coach has access to performance dashboards of various eateries and their activity calendars. On the other hand, a Shift Supervisor can only access their restaurant’s daily tasks and statistics. Surf utilized a Backend-powered user interface to create the checklist and task section. This is a JSON data structure with a detailed explanation of interface components to display. The security measures were highly considered. The application is integrated with the single sign-on service, and it had to go through a security code evaluation before release, which was successful with minimal claims.


It is an APP with a diary based on artificial intelligence for Mindfulness lovers. The journaling app helps people deal with stress from technology and social media. It asks a user personalized questions, monitors mood changes, and provides tips to stress relief and motivation.

A few Danish businesspersons created the app. Refectly’s initial version was built on React Native, but the developers later realized that the framework does not offer the best user experience. It had challenges with slow animations and lapsing shadows, which lowered the value of the graphics and beautiful user interface. The team had to rewrite the app on Flutter, which happened in three months. In about three years after the platform switch, massive growth was recorded in the user base. The app hit a record 10 million users in summer 2020.


Rigla is a pharmacy chain in Russia that sells through three brands targeting different clients and price groups:

● Bud Zdorov

● Rigla

● Zhivika

The company planned to develop three different apps meant for each brand on iOS and Android. The Surf team used Flutter to create six apps (one Android and one iOS for each brand) from a single code. This helped the company save 40% of its app development budget. The whole task was completed in 5 months, and the first Rigla brand app was created in three months.

Apps offer intelligent recommendations and digital loyalty programs. A user can check some common symptoms and get recommendations for the best over-the-counter medications. Multi-cart business logic was introduced because of challenging warehouse logistics. This allows the user to pay once for an order, then choose how to pick the item. Some of their options include collecting the item where it is available, at an outlet, a selected pickup location, or order delivery. Stats from the company indicate that there are more app orders than offline purchases.

Realtor.com Real Estate App

The real estate listings website is one of the largest in the US and has been around for some time. The app initially has native Android and iOS apps but started testing new features on Flutter with an Add-to-app arrangement. After noticing positive results, the team started rebuilding the core of their app using Flutter, where they included detailed pages.

Thanks to Flutter, the changes were carried within a span of native development for two operating systems with a few programmers. Redeveloping the app using the cross-platform network made it easier for its internal web developers to contribute to the process without the need to learn Swift and Kotlin.

Apart from the comprehensive listing of real estate with filters and maps, the app grants users the chance to take virtual 3D tours of homes and contact real estate agents smoothly with video chat and text. Realtor.com application has garnered several awards and nominations. It was a finalist in the Lifestyle Apps category in the 2018 Appy Awards. During the same year, it took Gold, the top prize in the Real Estate Apps category, during the Stevie Awards.


From the example we have covered, there are several apps that are being built with Flutter. The cross-platform framework is an ideal choice of technology for different businesses. With the right Flutter developer, you will get functional apps for your business.

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