Features That Can Make Your Home Magazine-Cover Worthy

Features That Can Make Your Home Magazine-Cover Worthy

If you’ve found yourself looking through magazines and watching designer TV shows, you likely wish you had the picturesque spaces you saw on these. Although it can be challenging to recreate those home designs exactly, you can still make your house look like it was taken from a designer magazine publication with a few differences.

With that in mind, here are different features to add to your home to provide it with the wow-factor it needs, creating a gorgeous abode that can perfectly replicate your favourite magazine’s cover-making it stunning and magazine-cover worthy.

Sunroofs or Skylights with UV protection

A skylight or sunroof can provide any home with natural lighting, ventilation, outdoor views, and even emergency egress. As their name suggests, you’ll find skylights and sunroofs on the roof of the home, and they’re one of the few home improvements that give you a chance to give both your interior and exterior a much-needed upgrade. Because of this, they add immense value to the property, making your home attractive to potential buyers in the future.

You can also opt for a solid polycarbonate roof from Duralon as they give you the chance to recreate the same concept as a skylight or sunroof, but outdoors. They boast superior transparency, sturdy weather protection, and excellent insulation properties. The only issues with these are that they can result in unwanted summer solar heat gain or heat loss during the winter months.

Lush Gardens

A rule of thumb to remember when creating gorgeous spaces and making them magazine-cover worthy is by adding “fresh elements” into your backyard, and what better way to do that than build a lush garden? Having well-manicured lawns, plants, and flowers will also suffice. Bringing these elements into your property helps you add new textures and colors, making it picture-perfect, increasing value and curb appeal.

Resort/Spa Setting Backyard

If you’ve ever been to Bali, Indonesia, and other similar places, you’ll likely want to experience the beauty of their beaches and serenity more often. Although you can’t always go to these places, you can bring Bali to you-at home. You can do this by adding a few elements, including an outdoor spa. You can get one by attaching it to your pool to save you water and electricity costs to run its plumbing and mechanical systems or have one wholly built separately for the ultimate getaway at home.

Other elements to add to your backyard that’ll make it feel like you’re on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Bali are hammocks, water features like fountains, well-placed landscape lighting, a fireplace, and an outdoor bar cart. All these not only make your home feel like Bali, but it’ll also make it look like the gorgeous location itself, making your house more than magazine-cover worthy.

A Grand Swimming Pool

Swimming pools add significant value to any home, and their aesthetic appeal is a great way to transform your backyard into a personal oasis, making it more luxurious and picturesque. They’re great additions to any property but make more sense if you reside in areas with warmer climates year-round. The best part is, grand swimming pools give you an escape at home, allowing you to take a quick dip and unwind.

The Best China

Fine China are tableware, dinnerware, and vases made from kaolin, a particular type of white clay made from high temperatures, making them durable and stunning. It’s an excellent investment for your space as it’ll draw everyone’s attention, adding a touch of elegance to any home, making it magazine-cover worthy in no time.

Antique or Period Furniture

Antique furniture or period furniture are pieces of furniture that are at least a century old, and these are not only great investments because they provide immense ROI value, but they’re always in style. Because of its classic appearance, it’ll never go out of fashion, allowing you to make your home magazine-cover worthy 24/7. Plus, antiques don’t need to be everywhere in your home. Even if you only have a few dotted here and there, they make a great statement.


There’s no better way to make your home look like a magazine cover than adding a couple of artworks throughout your household, helping change the entire mood and amplifying the appeal of the space. Abstract art on large canvases is a great way to make a statement, making your home more meaningful and appealing.

There #39;s no better way to give your home an upgrade than any of the features mentioned. Not only will these upgrades make your property more valuable, but they can also help make your house look like a full-blown magazine cover, making your home more appealing, comfortable, and luxurious.

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