Ideal Features of Social media monitoring Tools that Help Your Business

Social Media Monitoring Tools to Grow Your Business

Social media monitoring (SMM) is an online analytical process of listening to shared comments, mentions, and discussions made on online social media platforms about a specific brand. The social media monitoring process helps a business to track the behavior of the online audience. Also well as its response and reviews on a service product or brand. The method also enables a company to understand the perception that the audience holds about competitors and substitute offers.

What are the Benefits of social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring allows you to get your client’s and prospective clients’ complaints on time. Such an opportunity gives you time to make prompt responses that help your business to avoid the escalation of a bad reputation. Making quick responses elicited after social media tools and monitoring also helps in improving your brand and online image as a caring provider of services or goods. Social media monitoring also allows you to start and promote discussions. Such discussions can help your business to understand what your clients need or appreciate your business. The feedback gotten from such reviews could also help your business to develop new solutions or product improvements for your clientele. You can also identify your loyal customers and create some reward schemes for them to promote consumption.

What are the Features of an Ideal Social Media Monitoring Tool?

The online marketing niche and IT experts present businesses with many social media monitoring tools. Sometimes choosing an ideal social media monitoring tool for your business can be a daunting task. But it’s often true that the choice of a social media monitoring tool correlates with the profile of the company and products or services that it offers. Here is a brief highlight of the major factors to consider when looking for a perfect social media monitoring tool.

Monitoring of Many Channels

Your organization may create many social media accounts to cater to the needs of different products or service bundles offered by your business. The many profiles may be on one or more than one social media platform. As such, you may need to track many LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. As such, you’ll need a social media monitoring tool that can monitor many accounts and provide accurate feedback. So, an instrument with the ability to track various accounts is always ideal.

Social media monitoring based on Geographical Regions

Some companies serve international markets, and such markets have socio-economic and cultural differences, which may need to get monitored separately. As such, it is ideal for a business to go for social media monitoring tools that can follow online audience responses across different geographical regions and delineate the data for an analysis that will show how different geographic areas respond to your companies brand and product promotion on online platforms.

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Multiple Language Support

If your company is active in Eurasian and some Middle Eastern nations where the Latin alphabet isn’t often used, then you may need some social media monitoring tool with multiple language support features to serve such areas. Your business should thus look for a social media monitoring tool, which supports many accounts for different languages. Such software will enable various teams across different continents to use it seamlessly.

Real-Time Notifications

It’s good to find out about industry or brand issues on social media as they happen. Such an ability prevents late responses, which could escalate any cited problems. It’s thus advisable to get a social media monitoring tool, which can give you real-time updates. Such capability allows you to make prompt responses to any complaints to prevent escalation.

Hashtag, URL and Industry-Specific Term Monitoring

Social media monitoring features that can track industry-specific terms, the URL source that leads online users to your site, or hashtags that promote your brand, service, product, website, or content are invaluable. The ability to track such items can help your business to engage leads, attract prospective clients, and spearhead the start of a new relationship with customers. An excellent social media monitoring tool should also be capable of tracking other non-social media platforms such as forums, blogs, and reviews.


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