Exciting Things to Do in Oak Park Illinois

Exciting Things to Do in Oak Park Illinois

One of the most sought-after vacation destinations within Illinois is Chicago. Specifically, Oak Park in Illinois gives you the ultimate getaway and relaxation experience. It even lets you access the heart of the city in just a short drive.

It is considered a magical spot among historical fanatics since it was the home of Frank Wright, Betty White, and Ernest Hemingway.

Oak Park Downtown

Oak Park Downtown is situated roughly 10 miles from West Chicago and within the Central District. It provides special display restaurants, top-rated movie theatres, and shops. It also gives the community an exhilarating year-round set of special events and promotions.

Oak Park Event

The majority of the special events held in Oak Park are presented by corporate associations and non-profit organizations. Details of these events are often posted on the calendar of events of Oak Park.

The place also sponsors these leading events:

Fourth of July Parade or July 4 Parade

Oak Park magnificently displays its many dimensions of differences every Fourth of July Parade. This activity often begins at ten in the morning from Longfellow Park located on Adams Street and Ridgeland Avenue. This goes towards North of Ridgeland up to Augusta Street, where it turns Eastwards and disperses near Harvey Avenue’s Whittier Elementary School.

The entries included in the parade are usually from special interest groups, social community groups, the athlete world, animal lovers, children groups, business organizations, politicians, and musical assemblies.

The event is highlighted with a mesmerizing fireworks exhibition that begins at nightfall inside the football arena of Oak Park and River Forest High School.

Unfortunately, due to the health risks brought by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, this parade was canceled. This is to safeguard the people against a possible spread of this illness.

Oak Park Farmers’ Market

The Oak Park Farmers’ Market 2020 is in progress. This year marks its 45th season and is happens from 7:30 in the morning up to 1 in the afternoon every Saturday of October. To promote safe social distancing, vendor stands will be transferred from the typical Pilgrim Church parking lot spot to the nearby streets. Also, preorders are offered through an online application.

Sculpture Walk

This features sculpture being shown on display in the business district of Southtown along Oak Park Avenue amongst Van Buren Street and Lexington Street.

Guests can download the free Otocast mobile application to get descriptions of the work of various artists and to access further data about the sculptures.

A Day in Our Village

A Day in Our Village was among the events that needed to be put on hold for this year due to the pandemic.

Annually on the first Sunday of June, villagers would sponsor this occasion which is considered a community festival that is part of the leading events in the community. It is a good opportunity for prospective and current residents to learn the diversity of religious groups, educational organizations, social services, culture, and civil unions in the village.

Halloween Trick or Treat

This was also canceled to protect everyone from the threat of acquiring COVID-19. However, the essence of celebrating Halloween itself cannot be stopped by this health crisis.

The Public Health Department of Oak Park released important recommendations and guidelines on how the locals can safely celebrate this holiday even without the trick or treat portion. These include minimizing close contact with those individuals who are not part of your household and of course maintaining social distancing. Virtual costume parties are also encouraged instead of having the usual face-to-face gathering.

However, there are still places wherein trick or treat was conducted provided that strict health protocols were followed. Those who became part of this activity were instructed to place a goodie bag on a designated area to allow those who are doing the trick or treat to just pick up the candies.

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Oak Park Activities

Here are some activities to do in Oak Park Illinois:

Visit the Home of Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is among the sought-after tourist attractions of Oak Park. This is open from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon every day.

This adventure allows you to discover the beauty of the house. You also get to experience firsthand the vibe of the hometown of Prairie-style architecture of the Americas.

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Participate in the Annual Wright Plus Housewalk

You must never miss the opportunity to join the Wright Plus Housewalk, which happens in May. This lets attendees walk around Oak Park with the aim to visit every building in town that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his team.

How Far is Oak Park from Chicago?

Oak Park is approximately 7.97 miles far away from Chicago in the Eastern direction. It would be around 9 miles by car if the IL 110 E and I-290 E route is followed. This may take you about 13 minutes if you drive around without stopping.


Oak Park is indeed a real paradise for most individuals, particularly those fond of American history and architecture. The place is blessed with countless historical buildings that famous Americans used to live in. It also has lots of fun events and activities to look forward to.

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