Employees First Programs to Help Your Employees Grow

Employees First: Programs to Help Your Employees Grow

Many business owners don’t think about their employees once they leave work. They ignore them or give out a simple goodbye. It’s ‘being professional,’ after all. However, a boss who cares for their employee even once they sign off from their job is a sign of a good boss. But this doesn’t mean that you should worry about your employees 24/7.

Caring for them outside work means giving them opportunities to grow as individuals. There are many ways businesses do this nowadays, as more have empowered their employees to live a life outside work. Here are some ways to help your employees grow as individuals outside the profession.

Gym Memberships

Sometimes the most straightforward program is the one that can have the most impact on employees. In this case, handing out gym memberships can be your most effective program on this list.

Many millennials are now part of the workforce in the US. About 56 million millennials comprise 35% of the overall workforce, becoming the most significant generation to join the workforce. Millions more are predicted to participate in the next few years. The main thing that this particular generation does after work is to go to the gym. Surveys found 81% of millennials exercise regularly, with about 51% of the overall generation having a gym membership. The main reason a decent chunk of the generation doesn’t have gym memberships is that these tend to be quite expensive. This can be one of your programs in your business to help your employees grow outside your workplace.

A gym membership can be your core program in keeping your employees healthy. You can do this by negotiating with nearby gyms. Some gyms are interested enough to offer discounts to employees living nearby. If you can shoulder the cost, you can offer to give them for free. It’s all worth it in the end because this program can increase employee loyalty and can keep your employees healthy for years to come.


Another program that can have a big impact on your employees is insurance. Insurance plays a big role in an employees’ life because it tells them that they are secured and safe for whatever may happen in the outside world. Millions of Americans spend thousands of dollars on this. As a company, you should consider shouldering some of its costs.

Insurance can come in all forms. This can include general insurance that can cover many things, or this can be insurance primarily made for accidents. For the latter, it’s better that you consult with a lawyer before implementing such a program. You’ll have to see what kind of accident lawyer you need depending on the lifestyle or vehicles your employees use.

For example, a lawyer specializing in bicycle accidents isn’t as effective when most of your employees use cars. So make sure you find the appropriate lawyer to consult for accident insurances. Furthermore, you’ll also have to consult nearby insurance companies. Some insurance companies might be willing to tailor a program made for your company. In contrast, some might want to use some government policies to help you out.

Training Programs

Many small businesses don’t have the budget to have a training and development team. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer this to your employees. It is one of the essential programs you need to have if you want your employees to grow as individuals, both inside work and outside it.

Training programs don’t necessarily have to tackle problems inside work. It can tackle various virtues you want to instill in your employees. It can help events tackle everyday problems that your employees might encounter. These programs can teach your employees various problem-solving techniques that they can apply in their personal lives. Furthermore, it teaches them how to work with a team, and how to cooperate as one.

Training programs are known to be more effective in increasing employee productivity than purchasing high-end equipment. This is because training can increase employee satisfaction. It can also create a meaningful experience for your employees and teach them something they can use for years to come-this the main reason why training programs fuel growth among younger employees.

Mentoring Programs

There is a difference between training and mentoring programs. When training programs aim to teach a group of employees to nourish their talents, mentoring programs are made to take a more personal approach. Instead of teaching the group, the mentoring program teaches the individual. As a business owner, you can mentor your employees, especially when you only have a few. However, as your business grows, you can consider hiring a manager to mentor your employees or even a counselor. It may cost your business extra dollars, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Helping your employees grow as individuals both inside and outside work can increase employee productivity and loyalty. This can beneficial for your company if you’re planning for its growth for the next few years. Ensure that your employees have access to these programs, and you’ll see your company grow.

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