The Role of Digital Tools in Employee Upskilling

Employee Upskilling: How Companies Leverage Digital Tools

Learning new skills and upgrading yourself is very important to keep pace with the market and technology. It is a way through which you can make your career successful and fruitful. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new job or you want an opportunity to move to a senior level in your current job. Upskilling yourself increases the chances of reaching your desired goal and income at a higher speed. In most professions, upgrading is a valued requirement for both employers and employees. The nature of nearly all the jobs is dynamic, constantly changing, and adopting technologies as the field grows. Therefore, employees need to upskillthemselves and be up to date by learning new trends and technologies.

As perMcKinsey, even before the pandemic, changing technologies and the way of working were the reasons for the interruption in the job. In 2017, the McKinsey global institute stated that around 375 million workers (almost 14% of the global workforce) would be urged to change their jobs or upgrade themselves through new skills by 2030. It is because of the growth of automation and artificial intelligence.

The recent global survey of McKinsey states that around 87% of company heads said that they were experiencing a skill gap in their employees, or it might happen probably within a few years. Thus, acquiring new skills will help them double their salary. Not only employees but also people from other sectors of society are using online sources of education. They can find and compare certification courses online. For instance, they can carry out acert 3 and 4 in fitness online costcomparison and find the best option.

At a conservative estimate, the cost of hiring a replacement can range from one-half times to twice the employees’ yearly salary. For example, if a company of 100 people provides a median salary of $50,000, the cost of replacement can reach two million dollars annually. That’s why it benefits the company to allow employees to learn and get ready for newer challenges.Last year, Amazon announced a $700 initiative to upgrade their worker’s digital skills. Meanwhile, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) started its program valued at $3 billion for upskilling.

How Can You Learn In-demand Skills?

You can upskill through various e-learning programs and attain various certificates in any field. You can know the costs of those certificates with just one click on your phone. Ed-tech has become sophisticated enough to conduct tests to measure your capabilities. This is what makes them reliable. You can choose a method that works for you.

As per the above discussion, you can know the importance of upskilling. Growing technologies and the rising trend of upskilling became essential for both individuals and organizations. There are numerous platforms through which you can achieve positive learning outcomes or promote learning, and mobile technology gives you the benefit of doing it anywhere, anytime. By upskilling, youcan reach your income goal at a fast pace.

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