Effects that Technology is Having on the Physical Therapy Field

Effects that Technology is Having on the Physical Therapy Field

As the world has become more intertwined with the Internet throughout the 21st century, it has become evident how imperative technology has become throughout our society. The Internet has completely revolutionized how our society functions throughout the past two decades, and as it becomes more prevalent, we will continue to see its numerous effects. One of the most overt impacts that technology has had on our society in recent years has been throughout the medical industry. Healthcare has had a major transformation in the past 20 years, from the ways that patients can get care, to increases in medical advancements, and so much more. One of the many changes that have been evident throughout the healthcare industry in recent years has been in physical therapy. Physical therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, and as it has become more ubiquitous, numerous new technologies have continued to impact how it functions throughout the 21st century.

Understanding the Transformation in Physical Therapy

There have been many changes to the healthcare field in recent years, and one of the most overt has been the rise in popularity of physical therapy. Physical therapy has grown immensely in the 21st century, as non-invasive techniques like stretching, exercising, and other methods have become more preferable to surgeries and aggressive procedures. Physical therapy’s growth can be attributed to a multitude of changes, but one of the most evident is the rise of technologies in the field. Of the many trends in physical therapy, the implementation of new technologies that help with treatments, procedures, as well as the organization and management of offices have become increasingly popular. Understanding these technologies and how they are changing the field is critical.

Learning about the Technologies Transforming the Physical Therapy Field

There are numerous technologies that have had a major impact throughout the physical therapy field in the past two decades, and understanding them will help you to comprehend the trends that have been occurring throughout the industry. One of the most important technological trends that have happened within the physical therapy industry has been those that deal with patient experience. The patient experience trend has been prevalent throughout the entire healthcare industry, and this has been especially evident in physical therapy because patient relations are so important. Many patient experience technologies exist, such as communication tools, as well as cloud-computing software where patient data is stored and the ability to work across numerous devices is prioritized. Patient facing tools are another type of technology that has become increasingly common in physical therapy, such as practice management systems, that help to ensure a smoother and more streamlined experience for patients, as well as practitioners. Other technologies, like wearables and data-storing exercise equipment, have become more popular throughout the industry as well. Learning about the numerous technologies in the physical therapy field will give you a more insightful outlook on the industry as a whole.


There have been numerous changes that have occurred within the physical therapy field in recent years, and understanding them is imperative. The myriad of novel technologies that have positively impacted physical therapy in the 21st century has been critical to the success of the field.

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