Effective Tips for Engaging Senior Audiences on Social Media

Studies show that the Silent Generation (born between 1928 and 1945) and baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are still avid social media users. Despite their advanced age, they are not missing out on new media and all the conveniences these online platforms bring to people’s day-to-day lives.

For this reason, businesses whose main demographic are seniors or the elderly need not ignore social media marketing. If your business is geared toward the senior demographic, here are some pointers for effectively engaging them through social media:

Be Active on the Platform They Use the Most

While doing market research on your target audience, do not forget to check which social media platform they use the most. According to the Pew Research Center, senior internet users use the social media platform Facebook the most. Nearly half of respondents aged 65 and older say they are active on the website.

Don’t Neglect New Technologies

Just because your primary audience has a reputation for being less tech-savvy than their younger counterparts, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect using new technologies to reach them. This is because search visibility among businesses remains fiercer and more competitive than ever before, with businesses of all stripes and shapes recognizing that digital marketing is the main battleground now. You can partner with digital marketing experts who specialize in the specific business you’re in so you can gain a competitive advantage against your direct rivals.

For example, if your business is home care, a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) management team can help you get noticed in a sea of home care facilities in your area. These experts can help you stand out from other home care businesses. If an older adult or their family member tries to look up a home healthcare facility near them, the right PPC campaign will help your business get noticed first, instead of your competitors. This is a wise investment-and one that can help you gain a continuous stream of revenue for a long time.

Use Appropriate Language

While trendy slang and funny memes might be the way to the hearts of millennials and Zoomers, it might not be the best way to reach the Silent Generation and baby boomers. When explaining your services and products, make sure to use direct and straightforward descriptions and captions. Avoid suggestive and crude language. The whole point of engaging your primary audience is to create goodwill with them, not turn them off.

Do Not Lead with Negative Language

When it comes to marketing to senior members of our society, it’s tempting to use fear-based tactics or to scare them into buying a service or a product, especially when it’s all about their safety and health. However, studies how that using fear-based marketing strategies might no longer work on seniors because they are more likely to leave the post instead of reading further about what you have to say.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating your audience. More studies show that senior adults are more likely to be just as active as younger generations. They can be just as tech-savvy, and they mostly use social media to connect with their loved ones, so they might be more inclined to ask their younger family members if your content is accurate. They tend to research for themselves more often than not, and they might be more likely to see right through your fear-based tactics. More importantly, whether it’s effective or not, not going the fear route is the right thing to do. So when devising your messaging for your content and campaigns, make sure to steer away from negative language.

Use Videos

There is a reason YouTube is the second biggest website in the world. It is user-friendly, and internet users are likely to click on a video to learn more about something. Studies show that half of YouTube users say they are on the platform for entertainment and education . When creating video content, make sure that the content you post provides value to your senior audience by giving helpful information and tips. Seniors are also often busy, so honor their stage in life by being straightforward about what your business can offer them instead of going about it in a roundabout way.

If there is one pointer you need to remember about engaging senior internet users, do not underestimate them. Treat them with dignity and respect by not talking down on them, being kind and compassionate, and using new technologies the same way you would younger generations. Good luck!

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