Easily Onboard Employees With Onboarding Training Software

Easily Onboard Employees With Onboarding Training Software

Did you know that 22% of all companies have no onboarding process? There is no denying that the onboarding process can be tedious and labor-intensive. Fortunately, onboarding software is not. At the very least, it can save you a significant amount of time and keep you from making costly errors.

Here are just a few ways that onboarding software can help you:

Managing the paperwork

As a business owner, you’ll likely find yourself juggling countless I-9 and W-4 forms. Of course, there are health, emergency, and other forms averaging about eight to ten pages. Depending on your industry, there may be even more.

One advantage of employee onboarding training software is that it can save repetitive types of information, like name and address, and replicate them across all of your forms and agreements. This not only saves time but also reduces fatigue-related errors.

Maintaining documentation compliance

The past ten years have seen a significant increase in employee lawsuits. Many litigation experts believe that a complete and proper HR file is your best defense.

Keeping track of changes and implementing them across the company requires some vigilance. Fortunately, onboarding software can often be updated to include the latest forms and newest regulations.

Personal privacy and record access are hot button issues in today’s business place. That is why most onboarding training software incorporates right-to-know safeguards and document-sharing tools to maintain privacy. Additional features include signals for incomplete or missing documentation and warnings if documentation should no longer be in your possession and need to be destroyed.

Completing background checks

Digging into a candidate’s personal history also has legal ramifications. Hiring a violent offender because you didn’t do a thorough search could open you up to litigation. Likewise, accidentally exposing someone’s past records by way of misdirected correspondence could also cause serious issues.

The other difficulty with this process is the number of agencies you have to go through in order to do a thorough search–social security verification, sex offender registry, education verification, employment verification, and county and state criminal search, just to name a few.

Keeping track of all these agencies alone makes the software a worthy investment. You can submit them all with the click of a button. Their responses will be kept safe in one location on the dashboard so files won’t be circulating through the office. Additionally, the software will let you know who has responded and when the check is complete.

Automating your onboarding workflows

The beauty of software is that once you make a workflow automatic, you have maximized efficiency and a transparent standard of operation. Subsequent workflows will also be easier to learn. If an assignment is not complete, the system will warn the individual, which helps cut down on inter-departmental tensions. When the entire process is signed off, a completed workup is filed.

Finally, the efficiency and privacy of this software are not lost on new employees. Those who have negative onboarding experience are two times as likely to look around for a new job. Make a good impression from the start with an efficient onboarding system.

Invest in onboarding training software

Onboarding software is safe, private, and fast. Find the right program for your business today to ensure a smoother onboarding process for you and your employees.

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