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Wikipedia – An Innovative Approach For Digital Marketing

Inarguably, Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites of the online world. Wikipedia is the first website that people visit when they have to extract information or to clear their doubts regarding any topic or subject. There’s no denying that Wikipedia is the most reliable source information, be it as a business-related topic or a political uprising, Wikipedia is where you will find probably everything and anything.

However, including Wikipedia in the marketing strategy is one of the most debated topics of the current digital marketing world. It is a well-established idea that Wikipedia is the source of information not a marketing platform but what if we leverage the reliability and credibility of this informative platform in maximizing the business reputation and profits. Having a business wiki page is like providing your clients and potential prospects with a credible information resource about your business organization and company.

Having a Wiki page is all good for your business worth and its credibility and might provide you with amazing profits and benefits, but in the business world, every great outcome is the result of the well-planned and properly implemented strategy. That’s what required when it comes to having a business wiki page.

A Great Addition To Digital Marketing:

When it comes to digital marketing, Wikipedia has its own rules and guidelines—which should be followed by at all times. Since Wikipedia is neither an ordinary marketing platform nor a regular social platform, it has its well-developed writing rule sand styles which are the basic requirement of the page creation process.

Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is regarded as one of the most powerful marketing tools for very obvious reasons. Not only people trust Wikipedia with authentic information, but its ever-increasing credibility makes it an ideal marketing platform. However, making a wiki page is not a piece of cake. It requires the expertise of experienced writers and expertise of Wikipedia page creation service providers and experts.

Wikipedia is indeed one of the most innovative digital marketing platforms but only by making proper use of it can leave positive impacts on your business reputation or the adverse effects can leave a bad impression of your company on your potential prospects. For that very reason, many business organizations and companies hire professional Wikipedia page creation service and freelance experts.

The significance of Wikipedia in today’s marketing world is irrefutable so having a well-composed wiki page is the ultimate reputation booster and growth accelerator. While integrating Wikipedia in your digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to keep these four considerations in your mind:

Wiki Page Creation:

Making a well-composed wiki page is probably one of the most practiced and the easiest ways to integrate this informative site in your marketing strategy. A wiki page appears at the top of every search engine’s result pages, which increases your online visibility and strengthens your digital presence. Regardless of the doubts and questions raised on the platform’s reliability and information authenticity, Wikipedia is still the most widely-used source of information.  

Wiki Backlinks:

Wikipedia backlinks are some of the most valuable assets present in the entire online world. No-follow links presents on Wikipedia enhances your brand and company’s visibility and impacts your brand awareness positively. However, while linking your wiki page to external sources make sure that you are citing from credible sources and using credible reference links.

Monitoring Your Presence:

Since Wikipedia is an open source and easily accessible platform, monitoring your online presence and keeping an eye on your wiki content and the amends made to it is of great significance for increasing your business visibility.

There could be numerous ways of doing; you could enable the Wiki notifications and each time an edit is made to your wiki page or content the platform will let you know about it. Another way of keeping a close watch on your wiki content and page is to include your wiki page in your watch list. The notifications will keep you updated on all the amendments and changes made to your wiki page, and it is completely up to you to decide what to do with all those changes and edits.

Exploring Sister Projects:

Numerous people are unaware of the multiple projects that Wikipedia run. However, the potentials of these sister projects and platforms are still unexplored but including them in your marketing plan is beneficial for creating brand awareness and for elevating the status of your business organization as one of the internationally recognized ones.

Wikidata and Wikimedia are some of the highly recommended Wikipedia sister projects that are now used as business branding tools and a powerful product marketing tool.

Summing It Up:

If you still haven’t considered Wikipedia as your marketing tool, then you need to re-define your marketing strategies and plans. There is no single way of leveraging this website to increase the traffic of your official business site and to establish your brand’s reputation.


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