7 Modern and Creative Ways to Display Flowers

7 Modern and Creative Ways to Display Flowers

Decorating a home is not a simple task. You have to apply so many changes every when and then in according to season. For every season send flower today become the necessary part. Though it’s a spring season, summer or winter flowers are easily available in every season. The main attraction is available in different shades and in cheap price too. You can display flowers in an unusual and unexpected way by using some modern tricks. How to let’s show you down here.

1. Floral Egg-Tastic Centerpieces

If you are willing to decorate your home in Halloween this egg and the floral centerpiece is a nice option. No one can imagine how beautifully you can use eggshells to make a masterpiece bouquet. Slightly tuck an upper part to make a hole inside. Now remove the egg yolk. Make a small hole in opposite to this cracked part. Now pass on the floral stems through this hole. An egg-tastic decoration is ready. Use egg tray to tuck the floral eggs.

2. Floral Wishing Bowl

Floral wishing bowls are generally used in decorating dining table, center table. It is said that floating flowers in the room boosts the mood and also helps in bringing good luck. You have to use ceramic or glass bowl. Now pour some amount of water and let the floral petals float inside. You can do the same process every day to decorate the space with different color flowers.

3. Floral Bootiful Accent

You want to add some wow element in your garden, here comes the trick. You can draw the guest’s attention to your garden by decorating flowers in old boots. Use boots for planting a flowering tree in the garden. Now decorate that boots in the front porch or in the center for a special lookout. this just an example you can also use some old umbrellas, some vintage candle stands to give your home a traditional look.

4. Jam Jars

Don’t throw those empty mason jars in a dustbin. You can use those mason jars to change the outlook of a home. Many housewives apply the color scheme of home in every changing season. So for this, she needs an inspiration of how to cope up with this. One can spray mason jars with matching color. Also, they can display some message on it using a permanent marker. Now fill the jar with beautiful flowers. You have got the absolute way to add elegance to your home.

5. Wine Bottles

If you have no mason jars you can replace the trick with empty wine bottles. I am sure every home possesses it. Wine bottles look trendy and it inspired a vintage type of theme. If you have called the friends for a wine party, put some floral stems in a wine bottle. It’s a quick and easy way to decorate home for a party.

6. Shells

If you are arranging a beach-inspired party, the shells bouquet easily fits into this subject. Not just for the party, it is also a good trick to show the aquatic theme in homes and offices. You need wide-mouthed shells to decorate the flowers within. My suggestion is not included long-stemmed big flowers in it. Make it simple to use some small filler flowers with short stems can easily fit into the subject of aquatic theme.

7. Baskets and Mugs

There are endless choices of designer baskets and mugs available in online shops. If you want to stun the guests, don’t overlook this matter. To add some special effects spray those wooden baskets in matching color. YO can use personalized family photo to print on the mug. Now use short and filler flowers to decorate inside this mug. I have already told you if you don’t have baskets, you can use this trick to brighten up your office and home.

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So here are some inspirations for those who love decorating home with flowers. You can show off your creativity and art of decoration by following simple decoration ideas. All decorations are nice and seriously you need not spend single money for such a trick. So use to inspire others for flower decoration.

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