How to Create An Ultimate ECommerce Website Design

How to Create An Ultimate ECommerce Website Design?

As a business owner, it is difficult to compete with other businesses if you are not willing to grow. There is a common misconception that just creating the website will generate leads and bring traffic on your website.

An eCommerce website is just a medium of communication – an exchange medium between your brand and the customer. Whatever you put and how you put it makes all the difference?

Regardless of the design of your website, if your website is not generating leads, it means there are some changes that you need to make.

No need to redesign the whole website, what you can do is to pick some elements of the site and make the necessary changes to generate leads.

Use Photography and Videos

The best thing about photos is that people can relate to it. Gone are the times when you used stock photos to grab users. Now, if you’re not using real-life images, it will get difficult for you to get engagement on your website.

Using product photos will make it easy for users to understand the product before they purchase the product. Often the product is not what appears on the website. This frustrates the customers and drives them away.

Either hire a professional photographer or do your photography yourself. Mostly, professional website design agencies hire an expert photographer that turn ordinary photos into something marvelous without leaving out the essence of the original photo.

A new trend is of developing explainer videos. These videos give a preview of how the product/service works. The customers find a video easy to watch and implement.

Killer Headlines

Headlines are the core of every website page. Get the headline done and you’re halfway through creating a big impression in the eyes of the customer.

In an eCommerce website headline is the first that a user sees when they visit the page. You only have 8 seconds to make a solid impression. In that small window of opportunity, if you are not able to grab the attention of the user, it will be challenging to keep the customers on your page.

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Use headlines that excites the user about something. Gone are the times when you could use any headline and expect the users to understand and stick on the website. Brainstorm headlines for each category, for each product and each page. Ensure that the headline aligns with the purpose of that page.

Benefits of the product/service

The modern-day customer doesn’t care what features does your product offer; they only care how your product/service help them to solve their problem.

If the product is not resolving their issues, they won’t run an extra mile to purchase the product.

You can use the power of storytelling to persuade the users and turn them into customers. When customers buy from you, it means that they are trusting you with their money. Do not let them down.


These days more and more people use smartphones to purchase online. Regardless of how great your website is or how much traffic you get, if the site is not performing well on a mobile phone, it means that you’re losing many customers.

If you’re using an eCommerce theme, likely, a mobile-friendly version is already available along with the website. However, even then, you must customize that mobile version to make it easy for the customers to browse on their mobile devices.

Is the page interactive?

When a customer visits a website, they are likely searching for something. If the customer is not able to find something in the first few seconds, they will not wait for you to come forward. Sure, they might try to contact the customer support person, but if the guy is not responding, it will be difficult for you to hold the customer.

Now we know that the real customer is looking forward to an interactive page. A page where customer get what they are looking for without going any deep. It is more like an interactive page. A page with elements that can predict the users’ intent. One good example is an intuitive search box. When the customer is searching for something on your website, they should get some suggestions on how to order the product or what benefit will they get from the product?


It is all about creating a website that people love to visit and buy things that they are looking for. A website that doesn’t make the customers’ feel good must be redesigned. Just like a first date leaves a solid impression on people, a website leaves a solid impact on them too. Each experience will form a memory in the brain of the user, and they will eight remember your site with a good name or not. It is totally up to you to give them what you feel is right for them.

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