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How to Create Engaging and Relevant SEO Reports?

Most of the people get confused that what should they include in SEO reports for clients and members of the team that they actually want to see in reports. Through your reports, you should represent your clients that what are you doing with your client’s project? Or you have to show your project progress.

What does the client want to see?

•  Are you able to generate traffic on their website?
•  Is the ranking of the website has been improved?
•  What is the effect on overall sales?
•  What targeted keywords they are using to enhance ranking?

It is your responsibility to create reports that are straightforward, concise, accurate and that includes the traffic reports, sales report. As well as you have to keep track of the length of the report like in case, if you end up in generating a too lengthy report then higher are the chances that the interest of the client will reduce and on the other hand, if it is too short then they might think again that for what they are paying you or they might reconsider their previous decision of hiring you.

Here you will get some tips that will help you in designing a great SEO report!

1. Determine your objectives

Include your objectives and goals in the report in aligning with the client’s business perspective. It is important to include your objectives but it is also important to explain why you have chosen these objectives. It enables you to give directions to your clients that what are your futuristic goals so that your client can have realistic expectations.

2. What should be your efforts?

Once you have included your objectives, the next most important thing that is significant to include is the way to approach those goals. Like if your goal is to generate the organic traffic to your website then you should be aware of the targeted keywords to generate traffic.

Yes, SEO is a little bit confusing and that is the reason why your client has hired you. So it is your responsibility to create a strategy to reach the goal but it is also great to take advice from your client as well. This helps you in finding out what your client is expecting from you and sometimes you become able to get a great idea as well.

Don’t forget to keep all the information transparent and accurate.

3. Mention your observations

After defining your procedure, you have to show your tangible data to your client. It is the time to show the reports and the actual results that you have bring in the project.

• Include keyword performance

Include the performance of the keywords generated on your client’s website in the SEO report. Not just that, you should also include the search visibility of the website from the last report. Also, include keywords that you are using to generate organic traffic to your website. If there are low performing keywords then mention those as well and tell your client that what is your strategy to tackle these low performing keywords? It is also recommended you to set the expectations that are realistic and keep the expectations of your client grounded as well. Also, include how your client’s website is ranking higher as compared to the competitors of the market.

• Link generation

If your objective is to create more quality links then show your client what you have already accomplished and what is your futuristic goal based on link generation. Like in case if you are currently focusing on the quality of the inbound links then be transparent with your client as well as show them up that how quality links can be great for your website ranking. This is the greatest way to show what are you currently working and what results you can bring in the future.

• Inbound traffic

Show your client how many people are heading to your website. This is the most appropriate way of showing the progress that you have made in this project.

In this step, you have to mention the benchmark that you have been achieved to show the progress of your website to your clients.

4 Conclusion

This is the most significant step that you have to include in your SEO reports.

So, what’s next?

Once you have included that what are you doing to achieve the goals then it is time to outline what your client can expect you in future. Let your client know what are your futuristic goals? And what work can be done in the future to offer higher rankings. Show up what are your planning like if you are planning to work on keywords to optimize a page or if you are planning to generate more inbound links in future then let your client know it in advance that what are your futuristic plans. Be clear with your futuristic plans and set them clear, accurate and realistic.

• A final review:

It is time for a final review. It is your last chance to confirm the story that you want to tell your clients.

Use the language that is not technical and that is easier to understand. Remember that your client may or may not understand the highly technical terms and maybe this is the reason that they have hired you. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use simple language.

• Schedule your last report to auto-send

Make a schedule whether monthly or weekly to send a fresh SEO report to your clients to let them know that what are you working on your project and what are your futuristic plans to generate greater traffic and revenue to your website. You can either email your reports or can send it to their address.

Bottom line!!!

What is SEO? Your report should show the results for what your client is paying you. Your client should be highly satisfied with the decision that they have made of hiring you. show the tangible results that you have to bring to their business with the help of the SEO reports. A great report does not only make your client happy but as well as make your job easy in the future.

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