Car Rental Marketing: 5 Strategies for Driving Sales

Car rentals have the potential to make it big. It’s no longer a necessity to own a vehicle these days. Travel restrictions, maintenance chores, rising fuel prices, and global economic prices convince people to put off their plans to purchase a new car. The most significant contributing factor to this, however, is the availability of car rental companies. Thanks to them, people can just rent a car when they need one.

Car rental companies often cater to travelers and tourists. But in today’s pandemic, that isn’t necessarily so. These businesses can target more customers if only they use some innovative marketing tactics.

Marketing is essential for all businesses, including car rental companies. If executed effectively, it can increase business opportunities for growth. Here are some steps to increase sales revenue for your car rental business.

Improve Your Customer Service

Typically, car rental companies provide their contact details on their website and calling cards. While customers need to reach you easily, this is not the only way to provide customer care. Increase customer satisfaction with an improved customer experience. According to Auto Rental News, you can improve customer experience simply with added services.

Offer added services such as insurance, vehicle replacements, roadside assistance, flexible rates and booking, and contact-less rental counters. Make your customers happy with loyalty programs that feature rewards, coupons, gift cards, and discounted packages. Keep your clients safe with car driving and safety campaigns to show them you care, too.

The secret to improving your customer care services is to cater and adapt to what your customers need. This should be part of your after-sales program. Ask customers for feedback and what else they think could’ve improved their experience using your vehicle. You can also refer to your social media pages and website. Listen to what customers are saying.

Streamline Fleet Management

Offer different kinds, brands, and models of vehicles to improve your fleet. Customers will be looking for various cars, with each customer requiring a different vehicle.

Travelers often tend to look for more affordable vehicles, while business clients prefer premium sedans. Traveling families will always choose sports utility vehicles, while tourist groups always go for vans. You can also include luxury and exotic cars. Business executives prefer high-end cars like BMW, Bentley, Audi, and even Aston Martin.

If you have a customer looking for something that you don’t have, offer something similar with a different brand. For example, if a client is looking for a Chevrolet Impala, but you don’t have one, offer a Ford Taurus from your fleet instead. Manufacturers often build models that compete with each other, so there’s always something that you can provide as an alternative.

Ensure Vehicle Maintenance and Aesthetics

Always keep your fleet well-maintained. If you do, you can save on repair costs which can often become expensive. You are also keeping your customers safe against risks of accidents because of a malfunctioning vehicle.

Be proactive in maintaining your fleet. Schedule inspections, repairs, and maintenance regularly. In the same way, keep it clean and well-groomed. This can prolong the life of your fleet.

Have the exterior waxed and polished. Also, remedy dents and chipped paints. For the interior, it’ll be best to equip your car with the right upholstery and carpeting. Install customized car floor mats and seat covers to remove dirt and spills easily. That way, you can keep your car’s interior spotless.

Enhance Your Online Marketing Plan

Go digital. Take advantage of social media and online ad placements to reach your target audience. You can also create a mobile app that customers can use to easily and quickly book their vehicle. It can be an ideal tool to market your services and promos, too.

Expand Your Service Offerings

Focusing on a specific type or brand is a way of improving services that you can offer to clients. This can only work well, depending on your location. For example, if your company is located within a business district, it’s a good idea to fill your fleet with a range of middle-class to mid-size executive cars. If you’re located near a suburb with many families, you can focus on mini-vans and sports utility vehicles. Getting to know your area can help you provide the right vehicles for your customers.

Offering luxury cars to corporate clients is another way of providing improved services. In fact, according to Global News Wire, the luxury car rental market will grow exponentially by 2027. This means there’s more to expect and gain from this market.

You can add on-demand services to your luxury car rental, such as charter vehicles,rating to end customers, vehicle tracking, andreal-time feedback.

Creating a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make everything easy. Simply improve what you already have. Follow these tips, and you will indeed find more business opportunities.

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