Canyoning Dalat An Adventurous

Canyoning Dalat – My Memorable Journey

I had a memorable journey with Canyoning Dalat with my teammates. Now, it’s great that I have the opportunity to tell it to anyone who wants to explore, want to experience this adventurous game.

Dalat City, the capital of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam, which was originally built up as a resort getaway for the French nobility colonists. Thanks to its hilltop location, the cooler weather is a good break from the rather scorching heat that Vietnam is otherwise known for. Between its cool climate and big flower garden, we headed to Dalat city excited to take part in its many adventurous activities and we quickly were told to go canyoning. If you ask anyone what to do in Dalat city, Canyoning will be the first thing we say.

Canyoning Dalat is the journey to cross waterfalls and craggy canyons in Da Lat. For those who are afraid of heights and don’t like adventure, don’t choose it. On the contrary, many young people and foreign tourists are extremely excited when they are experienced. Because it gives them challenges, memorable moments. And above all, conquering the waterfall is also conquering yourself. Dalat canyoning or canyoning Dala.

Canyoning Dalat-an adventurous
                Canyoning Dalat-an adventurous journey full of experience

I joined Canyoning Dalat in February last year. This is the time after Tet. The streets of Da Lat are as beautiful as poetry and “ecstatic”. But among those beautiful scenes, when we came to this dreamy land, instead of visiting alone, we chose Canyoning Dalat.

Canyoning Dalat – A memorable journey

Our team consists of 5 people between the ages of 25 and 30. Including 1 female. At first, I intended to let her stay at other places instead of taking part in the game because it was quite dangerous and needed good health. However, she is very adventurous so she resolutely goes along.

Under the guidance of the staff of the travel service provider Dalat Adventure, we are equipped with protective equipment including life jackets, shoes, sunglasses, lanyard, etc.

The start is a walk through the canyon. After that is to pass the waterfall, swing the rope with high waterfall, fast flowing water. Sometimes, I thought my heart stopped when I accidentally rushed into my chest. Or the feeling of pain when you touch water to touch rock rapids. Must say “remember life” friends! But the journey still goes on, though everyone is hurt, tired but still spiritually “boiled” by the desire to conquer and win the waterfall.

In the middle of the journey, we encountered a minor incident when her partner was accompanied by ankle cramps and could not move. Thankfully, Dalat Adventure’s rescue team is available, providing first aid.

We encountered many difficulties when participating in Canyoning Dalat
      We encountered many difficulties when participating in Canyoning Dalat

Ending the journey, all “broke down” in the victory for conquering evil falls, long journeys full of arduous difficulties. Each person also feels like he’s grown up and much stronger.

Also from this journey, I have added new friends. They are tourists like me, want to challenge themselves with Canyoning Dalat. Accidentally on the arduous journey through the canyon, cliffs, and water, we supported each other as if we were close to ourselves.

Conquering this fear helped me learn that I could adapt to more than I felt I was capable of conquering. I think that’s a good thing to learn at any age, but you can apply it longer throughout your lifetime if you start early.

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Young people, please experience Canyoning Dalat once!

Sadly, not all old folks can enjoy the thrills and excitement of traveling as a young adult. Spine-tingling outdoor adventures like cliff dives, steep mountain treks, zorbing and are just not doable when you’re older.

Challenge and experience with Canyoning Dalat, do you dare? We did it, and what are you afraid of? Let your youth have special marks. And I firmly believe that going through the challenge with this journey, you will not feel regretful and more confident in yourself. In order to get independent, successful ways in life.

Canyoning Dalat
                     Young people, once experience Canyoning Dalat!

You realize that you can do anything, despite the obstacles and the obstacles less obstructive and more like welcomed challenges.


In order to understand more about Canyoning Dalat as well as the journey of climbing pass that I just mentioned, readers can contact Dalat Adventure. The staff here will give you advice, dedicated guidance. Hope we can organize the best tour in Dalat, Vietnam for you!

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