Business Immigration To Australia Reviews

Business Immigration To Australia Reviews

Would you like to start a new life in another country? Have you ever thought about moving and making a fresh start in Australia? If this is the case, you should know more about the best way to get a visa to enter Australia.

Visa Types for Australia

For security reasons, the government has tightened the visa application process for Australia. People of working age (men under 65 and women under 60) can apply in six categories:

To enter Australia, visitors must have a travel visa. You will need a

  • Qualified migration visa
  • Employer Appointment Scheme
  • Family Visa
  • Retirement visa
  • Business migration visa
  • Working Holiday Visa

The first of the Australia visa categories uses a points system. Each candidate is assessed using a point test. Points are awarded for a number of valuable features. Such as your level of proficiency in English and if you have a job already organized for you in Australia. For your visa application to be accepted, the number of points required is between 100 and 120, depending on the type of visa requested. If you slightly miss the number of points required, you can be accepted into the pool system.

Visa Australia Pool System

The Australian government reintroduced the pool system for people wishing to emigrate to Australia. This system gives it the flexibility to effectively manage its migration policy.

If an Australian visa applicant has earned enough points to join the group but not enough to be accepted, he or she will wait in the group of other applicants for up to two years. If, at any point during this two-year period, the “pass mark” required to continue application is lowered below the current number of points, then they may proceed to the next stage of the process.

Employer Appointment Program

The Employer Appointment Scheme (ENS) allows Australian firms to recruit highly qualified positions with non-Australian residents. This scheme offers a permanent and temporary visa in Australia.

  • The ENS process has two steps:
  • Appointment by the employer
  • Applicant’s application for a visa Australia

Family Visas

The Australian government is committed to reuniting families. A large portion of Australian visas is covered by the Family Migration program, which targets partners, children and family of Australian citizens and permanent residents. This type of visa is intended for applicants who have parents who reside in Australia. This visa requires that you be sponsored by an eligible parent.

Retirement Visas

This Australian visa program is for those who wish to live in Australia in retirement. This is a temporary residency program.

Business Migration

Enterprise migration was introduced for the first time in Australia in 1992. The new rules and regulations governing enterprise migration put more emphasis on a firm’s skills relative to the number of its potential earnings.

As an immigration officer and registered lawyer, it is fine for me to tell you that hiring an agent can be critical to the success of your Australian visa application. Of course, I would say that I run a business! But the truth is that an immigration officer can make the difference between a smooth application process and a multi-year process.

The volume of migrants arriving in Australia – not to mention the overwhelming media attention given to asylum seekers – has been somewhat thwarted by immigration among Australian citizens.

This reluctance to accept migrant workers does not necessarily reflect the underlying racist attitudes of Australian society but is a reaction to a demographic boom and strong urbanization. Although Australia may seem sparsely populated, population growth is skyrocketing, with some regions growing at more than 4%.

Resources in these areas are often scarce and the lack of housing, transportation, and jobs available can be particularly frustrating for those suffering from the rising cost of living.

The response to these problems has led to a tightening of the Australian federal government’s immigration policy. In July 2010, a new list of qualified occupations (SOL) was published, significantly modifying priority occupations for the employment of foreign workers. Changes were also made to the test of skill points, giving priority to language proficiency and job experience rather than youth.

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For most potential foreign employees, this is a language barrier that poses the most problems when processing visa applications.

Tourist visa and even work-holiday applications are relatively simple. However, temporary and permanent work visas are less manageable and this is where agents can be extremely helpful.

To maximize your chances of getting an Australian visa and to preserve your privacy, do some research before agreeing to hire a particular migration agent. Australian law prohibits individuals from working as agents unless they are registered. If you can not find an agent in the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA), it may not be trusted. The MARA website includes a search application that allows potential foreign employees to find agencies near their workplace.

Examine your visa application carefully and consult an expert before choosing the best option. The knowledge and experience of a migration agent can make the difference between a new trip and a stagnation at home.

An Australian Immigration Lawyer runs an agency in Melbourne – Global Immigration Services. I specialize in business immigration, working alongside companies to bring to Australia the best and most engaged employees from around the world.

Australia’s immigration law is rarely a problem for Australian citizens. They already live here, so why would they need to know? As a result, even if a company or company is committed to sponsoring your migration, managers and HR professionals are often overwhelmed with the visa application process.

I have written this article for the information base only. If you have any question related any information please comment in below so we will try to fix it.

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