Bring Your Digital Creations to Life with These 6 Art Software

Bring Your Digital Creations to Life with These 6 Art Software

Art software, such as a painting and drawing program, allows budding artists to hone their artistic skills. It also allows established artists to turn their ideas to life in a digital format. Regardless of the art style, type or medium you want to create, the best art platform can help you produce awesome digital creations.

The challenge when finding great digital art software is that the market offers many options for artists. You could spend forever searching for the program that suits your needs and preferences.

If you need help picking an awesome digital illustration and art program, consider these options:

A lot of people and organizations use Adobe Photoshop, including graphic designers, 3D modeling outsourcing companies and animation studios. Many look at this image editing program as the gold standard for more than three decades, and this unlikely to change any time soon.

You can design just about anything you want in Photoshop, including 2D designs, 3D artworks, posters, banners and other stunning illustrations. The software features a wide range of professional-grade tools that let you unleash your creativity. Take the paintbrush tool as an example. This handy feature allows you to easily paint symmetrical patterns.

If you’re a budding artist on a budget, you’ll love this free and open-source painting software. Krita features a customizable and intuitive interface. You have the option to set up panels and dockers to maximize your workflow.

The platform provides more than 100 preloaded and professionally made brushes. It also comes with nine unique brush engines, including a Particle, Shape and Color Smudge engine. You could also add to the collection by importing or creating your personal texture packs and brushes.

Another great feature of this software is its brush stabilizer feature. You can use it to produce perfectly smooth lines – ideal for drawing complex patterns, such as a mandala flower.

This highly versatile painting and drawing application is ideal for creative professionals working on dry and wet media, acrylic and watercolor artwork. Peter Blaskovic, the developer of Rebelle, wanted an easy-to-use platform that provides on-the-go access to natural painting tools. The software offers a plethora of pastels, inks, acrylics and watercolors, as well as realistic drying, wet diffusion and color blending techniques.

Rebelle also comes with “dry” tools, such as erasers, markers and pencils. This way, you won’t have to stick to just paintbrushes. The app also showcases interesting capabilities, such as the option to tilt your canvas to your desired orientation.

If you are a creative who likes using brushes, you’ll love TwistedBrush Pro Studio. This app comes with over 9,000 brushes. If that doesn’t satisfy you, the program lets you make custom ones.

Just like the other digital art programs out there, TwistedBrush has the basic features you’d expect, including image filters, import and export options, masks, transparency and layers. It also comes with tablet support with pressure sensitivity and high precision sampling.

Artists using Apple’s tablets can take their creative potential to the next level with Procreate. This award-winning digital art platform allows you to create illustrations, sketches and other related artwork anytime, anywhere.

Procreate comes with over 200 handcraft brushes along with a feature that lets you import and create brushes. This art app also has other features developed exclusively for iPad users. A good example is the “ColorDrop” feature, which allows you to fill your artwork quickly with seamless color. There’s also “Drawing Assist,” which autocorrects your brush strokes in real-time.

This platform also comes with other goodies, including:

This digital art tool is what you need if you like producing manga and comic books. It comes with a truckload with specialized features that manga illustrators and comic book artists love.

The first two awesome features of this software are the story editor and the page manager. This allows you to manage easily the storyboarding workflow.

When you’re working on a page, you can use customizable speech balloons, rulers, effect lines and panel tools to draw a range of shapes and lines. You also have the option to position 3D figures directly on the canvas, as well as add realistic depth and perspective to backgrounds.

Clip Studio Paint Ex also comes with features that make drawing vector shapes in smooth strokes a breeze. If you make a mistake, you can erase intersecting lines with the software’s vector eraser tool.

Once you’ve finished, you can preview your comic or manga in 3D. Then, publish it directly in popular formats, such as EPUB.

Try out one of these six digital art apps when you’re creating your next drawing or painting masterpiece. When choosing from the six options, think about your art goals. Then, decide on the program that will help you produce artwork that will impress you and your audience.

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