Top 9 Effective Ways to Boost Alexa Ranking Web Traffic Tips

Top 9 Effective Ways to Boost Alexa Ranking – Web Traffic Tips

Alexa is an ‘information service’ that ranks a website or blog based on its traffic and back-link reputation. Alexa rank is an important subject to webmaster and blogger to improve upon. if you know about google page rank, Alexa follows similar behavior of rating a website but not directly affecting it anyway. The improvement of Alexa helps you get more traffic, reputation and potential customer for advertising. There are lots of article on the net showing you tactics and method to improve Alexa with many myths. Today, you will learn the base of Alexa rank improvement and how to actually improve it fast and quick ways.

1. Use Alexa Toolbar

Installing the widget should be your fast move. Alexa doesn’t count any traffic without the help of Alexa toolbar. If you install it yourself and promote it in your blog to encourage your readers to do the same. You will improve Alexa much faster. For this reason, sometimes SEO and blogging related blogs get faster Alexa improvement than no-related blogs.

2. Use Alexa Widget

Installing Alexa widget does help, it’s a script to add in your blog, which displays your Alexa rank. It was proven and tested many times as well as in my blog that it actually does help you improve Alexa fast and quickly. Add an Alexa widget from here, add it as HTML/JavaScript in blogger layout.

3. Improve Backlinks

Alexa also rates a website by its reputation as they calculate it through the number of back-links. It’s not as strict as Google when it comes to backlinks, it updates faster and a lot. All you have to do its write more comments that give you backlinks and your Alexa backlinks will be improved in no time.

4. Join Community

Joining communities and forums are one of the best and faster ways of improving Alexa. The more links you will have the better it is. You improve on links easily. Sign up in various different active communities and forums and use your blog keyword and link as a signature. You will soon see your back-link reputation grow.

5. Get Reviews

Review about your blog or website looks good on Alexa. It also helps on improve the Alexa ranking. Reviews require you to sign up. Go to and sign up – review your own site (Alexa allow that!) and also encourage your viewers or blogger friends to review your site. Now sit back and watch how fast your Alexa grow.

6. Claim Your Website

Claiming your website helps you get to more advanced options for your blogs Alexa rank. After registering and claiming your site, you will have a better reputation and authority on Alexa ranking. Alexa looks at your website more ‘trusted’ way. The sign up is free. So go ahead and claim your site for a better chance of improving Alexa rank.

7. Improve Your Traffic

Bloggers don’t like to hear this too often, so I decided to keep this in the bottom. Alexa rank your site based on traffic. Of course, the above method makes it faster and easier but without good traffic, the improvement will soon stop. You should focus on your blog/website’s traffic. There is a demographic under your blog status showing how many drops or improvement of traffic you have. A drop in traffic is never good news. The more the traffic, the better your Alexa rank will be.

8. Get Alexa Pro

If you are really serious and into improving Alexa, you might consider going Alexa pro. Alexa pro does cost money but it helps you improve your traffic and Alexa much faster than anything else. Starting from $9 to $149 of advance plans to help you improve upon everything.

9. Beat Your Competitors

Find your competitors and compare their Alexa ranks with you. Learn their tactics and methods and see you you can improve over them. Search for top Alexa sites and blogs and see what they are doing to get fast Alexa. Compare with them to see what you have been missing. Once you have a very low Alexa rank (the lower the better), it’s hard to keep that score and improve upon unless you can learn and apply new tactics to beat the competitors.


Alexa is an important tool to improve your site, get sponsored and be featured among the advertisers. Once you have set up the widgets, toolbar, and other settings, you should focus more on traffic. Traffic and backlinks are what makes your reputed as a website. If you can follow all the tricks and tips from this post, your improvement on Alexa ranking is a must. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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