Brazilian jiu-jitsu BJJ is a modern martial art commonly practiced in Japan, in a kimono and trousers or ‘gi’, but in recent times the international Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation, IBJJF has recommended the practice of not wearing the gi or kimono instead a rash guard is to be worn in order to compete in tournaments.

The BJJ rash guard is an athletic shirt or garment used for sports that are made of nylon, Lycra, or polyester and are antibacterial, flexible, and durable. They are designed to fit tightly on the body of the athletes but must be made stretchy. The BJJ rash guards are much thicker and stronger than the ones used for swimming and other surfing sports. The rash guard or rash vest is made to absorb moisture from the body of the athletes in order to make them feel cool and make their bodies dry. It also protects the athletes from sunburn or rash when exposed to sunlight. A rash guard is usually used for light coverage for water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, canoe polo, etc. but in recent times, BJJ rash guards have been adopted by other sports such as the MMA, BJJ, American football, etc.

BJJ rash guards may be worn under wet suits and are used to prevent chafing and irritation caused by the impact of friction between the mat and the athletes’ skin during a fight. The BJJ rash guards are also worn by athletes to protect themselves against cuts, burns, germs from the skin, and also spread of diseases. The BJJ rash guards are of various types, and the common ones are the short and long sleeves BJJ rash guards. It is important to note that when buying a BJJ rash guard, it is better to get the long sleeve ones because they protect the whole of the skin from germs, cuts, and diseases during training (which may not be compulsory) or competitions. Although the BJJ rash guards are not built for grappling the opponent during a fight because the materials used for making the BJJ rash guards are smooth and not easy to grasp during a fight.

There are some rules stated by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation IBBF on the wearing of the BJJ rash guards, and some of such rules include the following:

• The color of the BJJ rash guard must be white or black, although the shorts may be colored.

• For the men, the shorts may have no zippers or pockets.

• Metals or any other harmful things that may be used as designs on the BJJ rash guards will be prohibited.

• The athlete may be permitted to wear BJJ rashguards of the colors of the athlete rank; for example, if the athlete is a blue belt in rank, he may be allowed to wear a full blue rash guard.

• The BJJ rash guards are not allowed to be worn under the ‘gi’ or kimono.

• For the women, they are allowed to wear a sports bra or a one-piece swimsuit underneath their BJJ rash guards.

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