The Best Speed Camera Apps for your Mobile

The Best Speed Camera Apps for your Mobile

The Best Speed Camera Apps for your Mobile: Holidays arrive and with them, we drive more and travel more. Although it is always important to respect traffic rules and go at a reasonable speed, you may want to know what speed cameras are in your way. In this case, there are many speed camera apps for your mobile that will help you know where they are.

The Best Speed Camera Apps for your Mobile

There are specific applications that will tell you where the radars are and other applications that will tell you where the fixed and mobile radars are but they will also help you find the way, check the traffic and many more functions, such as Google Maps or Waze. Whatever you are looking for, here are some options.

Google Maps

From the beginning of June, you can already see radars on Google Maps or notify them so that other users know of their existence. It is one of the many functions that the application now allows and that makes it a perfect travel app and essential in your mobile phone. Not only is it a speed camera app but it is also a navigation app, an application that will show you the traffic in real-time or that will let you know where there are accidents or cut streets.  If you feel alone or boring while traveling you may also try Hotstar Apk to watch live tv shows and sports.


Waze is another essential on the road if you want much more than just a speed camera application. It is an app that will let you know where there are fixed and mobile radars but it will also show you all kinds of signs, you can know the traffic status in real-time, find parking at your destination or find cheap gas stations on your route. It is a very useful and complete application that will serve as a guide and that you can customize so you do not miss anything on the road.


If you don’t want a complete application with a lot of features, nothing happens. There are specific applications to warn you of speed cameras on the road. This is the case of Radardroid Pro that allows you to access a very simple and convenient application. Simply leave the mobile anywhere in the car or give it to the co-pilot and the application will work in the background. Through sound, it will warn you when you approach radar and will indicate that you should slow down.

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It is a free application if you bet on the Radardroid Lite version although there is also a premium version that you can pay to have on your phone. The main difference between the two is that the Pro version will work in the background while there are other applications running and the free version will have to be open in the foreground throughout the journey.


Another very basic application and with the simplest interface of the entire list. Its purpose is to detect radars and notify you. Both fixed and mobile radars that are on the road and anywhere in the world it works with maps of many countries. You can activate voice warnings to let you know when you should stop.

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