Best Merchant Solutions for Any Business

Best Merchant Solutions for Any Business

No matter your industry, you need merchant solutions to keep your business running efficiently. However, not every system fits every shop. How can you find a POS system that meets your needs?

The good news is that there are nearly as many options as there are markets. Each is designed with a specific industry in mind so you’re never left making do. With just a little research, you can find a POS device that makes service more convenient for employees and customers alike.


Any shop that sells food and beverages has the unique challenge of taking and executing orders in an organized manner. Bars, clubs, casual dining restaurants, and cafes also need to keep accurate records of inventory to avoid running out of key ingredients.

The Touch Bistro is an excellent option for any food service business, as it lets servers to take orders via an iPad. This means orders are automatically entered into a central system, eliminating the risk of losing paper orders. The device’s mobility also helps waitstaff, as they can access the system from anywhere in the restaurant, thereby allowing them more flexibility to take care of their patrons.


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing a hotel, resort or other hospitality enterprises. To ensure you’re providing the best experience to your guests, you need a system that can organize all your crucial information.

The 365villas integrates many different tasks into one platform. On a single device, you can access the following:

• Maintenance portfolios

• Accounting records

• Booking records

• Payment management system

• Emails

Salons and Spas

If you run a spa or hair salon, you know how vital booking can be. Visitors want a quick, convenient way to sign up for a time slot and they don’t want any scheduling mistakes.

The Booker POS provides several ways for clients to make their appointments:

• Online

• Via social media

• Through a mobile platform

In addition to its scheduling capabilities, the Booker POS also allows you to track and analyze sales data.

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Sales and inventory are two of the biggest concerns for retail businesses, which means you need a POS system that can process many different types of payments and also track inventory data. Fortunately, the Clover Station can handle both tasks. You can easily view your current inventory and history, in addition to accepting the following payment types:

• Debit and credit cards

• Gift cards

• Store credit


Do you offer a service, such as a car washing or dry cleaning? When you’re in the service industry, you need a POS system that handles sales and data collection with ease so you can focus on delivering the highest quality service to your customers.

The Revel POS may be the perfect choice for any business. It can process any type of payment and comes with several tools that may help you manage your company.

No matter your industry, having a top-of-the-line POS system can make a difference to your business’s profitability. From the new Clover System to the cloud-based SmartSwipe, there are dozens of options, each with their own special qualities. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your enterprise.

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