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How to Choose Best Business Card for Your Business

You can type “business cards” on google and you are sure to find many results. But you should know which one to choose, the one that suits your needs. The business card that is best for you is the one that acts like a representative of the stuff you do, the services you provide by your business. When you are looking for a business card just check out for few things, how professional you want the business card to look like, the message you want to live by it and finally the people to whom you want to give it to.

There are many styles of business cards, you can check them out here.

  1. Standard

The standard one comes in a 3.5”x2 rectangle and has square corners. This is the usual style that any printing company would offer and are also the most affordable ones due to the basic style and size they come in. The good thing about standard type is the professional look it gives and hence makes the customer know that you are qualified, dedicated and reliable. If you want to print out business in bulk at affordable prices then look no more, the standard type business card is the best option for you.

  1. Round Corners

They are a little variation of the standard business cards. The only physical difference that makes it different from the standard business card is the round cut that is provided to it. But it has more to do than the physical difference. The round cut gives the business cards a softer feel. Well, you will have to pay some extra for the round corners but it has become a popular option due to the touch of personality it adds to the business cards. Make sure there is enough spacing between the words and the corners that nothing is missed out after the round cut is given.

  1. Square

The square cards are the new kinda 2” x2” business card. They are unique due to their shape and will separate your business cards from others’ in a bunch. Square cards also can give a creative feel about you to the customers. One thing to be careful with square type business cards is to fit in all the information you want to put in your card without making it look congested. They are smaller than the regular standard type of business cards. If you have to put in a lot of information in the card, then the square type business card is not recommendable as to maintain the uniformity, to fit in more details the card should be of very large size.

  1. Die-Cut

They are the new type of business cards which can make your introduction to the customers more unique than the one given by a standard business card. You can choose a die-cut offered by the printing company. You also have the option to create your own die-cut and have a business card designed by you. The diecuts will obviously come with some charges depending on the complexity of the design and the cut. This might be the costliest type of business card but it is also unique.

  1. Fold-Over

Fold-Over cards are good for companies that would want to include more information about them in the business cards. It is a much better option than the standard 3.5”x2” or any other business cards when it comes to giving more information about the company. You can have your own fold style and be unique in your own way. The fold-over business cards being exactly the double of standard type business cards- 3.5” x4” can contain more information and also you can have a die cut on one side of the fold to make it into a custom shape.

  1. Recycled

Recycled business cards work perfectly for the companies that want to give the message of going green. They can do it in their introduction itself. The recycled type of business cards is made completely from waste paper and content. They look just like the regular cards and also you will have the satisfaction of not cutting down more trees for your cards. You can go for the black and white or the colored ones without worrying about the looks, even though it is produced from waste there won’t be any difference in the appearance. These cards are especially for those companies that will be selling products or providing services to their clients and also will be helping them go green.

  1. Portfolio

Portfolio cards are the most unique when it comes to business cards. If you want to add a touch of your personality to your cards, you can do it by adding images of products, keeping all information you want the person (who keeps the card) to know on the backside of the card. The front side of your business card can be just covered with images or products. You can have different photographs, choose a different background color, have an image or the product on the front side of your business card. It is advisable to choose a different color for the front side of the business card. These type of business cards suits best to the videographers, photographers, etc. or simply for people who looking to create business cards that are very unique.

So, you have seen the different types of business cards available. You can choose the one that fits your needs and one that is unique. Make sure you convey the message about your company on the card. Be careful about what should be provided in your business card and then choose the one. If you don’t care about the cost, you can go for the die-cut or other costly business cards. If you want to put in a lot of information about the services or your products, you should go for a fold-over business card. Also Get information about Custom Receipt Maker.


Some other features to be considered while choosing a business card type are the stock weight, single side or double side printing, color printing or black and white printing, etc. Now you can understand How to Choose Best Business Card for Your Business USA, UK and Canada and Australia.

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