Beautiful Beaches Phu Quoc island

Top 5 beautiful beaches you should not miss in Phu Quoc island

Besides the most famous beaches of Phu Quoc island like Bai Sao, Bai Dai, there are many other pristine beautiful beaches waiting for you to discover.

Bai Sao beach

Many tourists have rated Bai Sao of An Thoi archipelago the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc. Located in a windy position between two gentle mountain ranges, the beach is very calm, along with the wild beauty easily capturing the attraction of travelers all around the world.

This beach has a length of about 7 kilometers, curving like a crescent moon, especially the white sand is silky like ice-cream. The sea water here is clear, calm and cool, is a great choice for travelers to escape on the hot summer days. In the evening, walking to see Sao beach is also an interesting experience that visitors will see the starfish near the shore, under the shimmering, fanciful moonlight illuminating the water, making the scenery of the sea become unique. Bai Sao is chosen by many couples as a honeymoon destination, and families also love to visit here.

Bai Khem beach

Khem beach is not as wide and open as Long beach or some other famous beaches on Phu Quoc pearl island, but it is very attractive by white sand and emerald green water.

Bai Khem beach
                                                   Bai Khem beach

The sand here is so white and silky. Bai Khem has no steep hills but many rocky cliffs, creating a very charming landscape among green forests. Bai Khem beach is quiet, making tourists coming here to visit and discover a feeling of extremely comfortable and peaceful, away from the noisy urban. This is also a famous place with the best specialties in Phu Quoc. Furthermore, fishing, diving, and watching coral reefs here are very ideal.

Bai Dai beach

Located in the northwest of Phu Quoc, with a quiet 15-kilometer-long coastline, the unspoiled Bai Dai space is a great holiday destination for visitors. If Bai Sao and Bai Khem bring a gentle beauty with smooth white sand, Bai Dai is pristine and beautiful with natural golden sand, green water like jade, and extremely cool air due to the nearby primeval forest.

Having fun on Bai Dai beach
                                                   Having fun on Bai Dai beach

A small part of Bai Dai is exploited by projects of Vinpearl, Grand World, etc, but it is negligible and does not affect the wild natural beauty of the beach. In 2008, Bai Dai ranked first in the list of the most beautiful and wild beaches of ABC News (Australia). Visiting Bai Dai is also very convenient for tourists to go to other famous sites in Phu Quoc such as shopping and enjoying fresh seafood at Dinh Cau night market, etc.

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Bai Truong beach (Long Beach)

Being the longest beach in Phu Quoc which stretches nearly 20 kilometers from Dinh Cau cape to Khoe Tau Ru, Long beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc Island, familiar to many tourists. Sand in Bai Truong is not white but yellow and silky, becoming sparkling when there is sunlight.

Services on Long beach
                                                            Services on Long beach

Bai Truong is no less beautiful and majestic than Bai Dai beach. Running along the coast are coconut trees catching the wind and hidden fishing villages, creating a very wild and peaceful space. Having a chance to come to Bai Truong, visitors should not miss the moment to watch the majestic sunrise or the peaceful sunset over the sea.

Ong Lang beach

Referring to the beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, it will be a shortcoming to lack Ong Lang beach – one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches here. The beach is located between Ganh Dau sea and Duong Dong town (Duong To, Phu Quoc). In here, you will immerse yourself in the blue water, watch the fishing boats, watch the coral, kayak, admire the beautiful sunset, and do many other recreational activities.

The sea water here is very clear. Depending on different seasons, it can be quiet or intense. In the rainy season, tourists should not come here to bathe because the waves are quite intense. From September to March is considered the most suitable time to swim at beaches in Phu Quoc. The best moment at Ong Lang is when the sunset is down that the bright red rays at the end of the day fade into the ocean and the cool wind, and the rippling waves, etc. Blending with the natural scenery is a picture of fishing boats from far away, very peaceful and poetic.

The pristine beauty of Ong Lang beach
                                      The pristine beauty of Ong Lang beach


Phu Quoc island is not only a tourist destination for to domestic visitors but it is also always on the bucket list of international travelers when coming to Vietnam. What making the charm of Phu Quoc includes the pristine beaches, traditional culture, or attractive seafood. If you like the clear green beaches like the paradise here, don’t hesitate to like and share with others. Thank you.

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