Assaf Elblink is giving hopes to poor people through his foundation Hasdei Tikva

Assaf Elblink is giving hopes to poor people through his foundation Hasdei Tikva

In 2020 Israel still has 1.8 million people who are living below the poverty line. According to this report, it is concluded that almost every third family living in the country suffers from daily hardship because of the financial crisis. However, the number has decreased considerably as compared to the data of 2010-2013. The National Insurance Institute states that the condition will remain the same and the poor will become poorer while the rich will become wealthy.

In 2017 it was reported that the number of families who lived below the poverty line was 470 thousand in which 815 children were also included. This year witnessed an increase of 4.4%, while the total number of people facing poverty decreased. The poverty line defines that an individual should have a monthly income of above 3,500 ₪ to lead a good life. Whereas, a couple should have an income of at least 5,000 ₪. Hence, a family of 4 should have a total income of 10,000 ₪ to live above the poverty line. Assaf Elblink, founder of Hasdei Tikva Foundation is working towards helping people with their assistance.

In spite of trying the state is not able to minimize the gap

The state is also working to provide assistance to the people. People living below the poverty line are provided with special allowances and senior citizens are given increased payments, but it is not sufficient for them to lead a happy life. Though these families experience better standards of living, wealthy families will also experience the same. Hence, the gap remains the same between the rich and the poor.

People who live below the poverty line lead a miserable life. They face a shortage of even the basic needs of daily routine. It takes a great level of mental energy to deal with poor conditions and therefore, people are not able to concentrate on anything else. They dream of breaking the poverty cycle and are sometimes able to do so with the help of some privately funded foundations such as Hasdei Tikva of Asaf Elblink.

Plenty of social workers are present today in our society who provide employment assistance to the poor. They also help them set life goals and accompany them for their entire lives. But they are relieved greatly with the kind of help that is provided to them by people like Assaf Elblink and his foundation Hasdei Tikva. They provide people with basic consumer goods and also provide them with development and education so that they can live happily.

Activities of Hasdei Tikva Foundation

Hasdei Tikva foundation is situated in Ramat, Hasharon and was founded by Assaf Elblink. It helps poor people weekly by providing them with daily basic needs. The foundation helps each and every people, irrespective of their origin, caste, age, etc. It also offers several activities for the well being of children. They also provide food to different schools to which they are associated with. Special activities for single parents, distributing scholarships, providing school supplies, private tutors, etc.

Senior citizens are given hot meals and many volunteers work together to install air conditioners and heaters in houses of several people. They also clear up the homes of several people and help them arrange furniture and other appliances.

Helping people regularly

Hasdei Tikva is founded by Asaf Elblink and he is from the real estate industry. The foundation is named after the mother of his friend as he wanted to help people in remembrance of his mother. Tikva expressed his desire to commemorate his mother’s memory by way of charity. Tikva Kortski, Assaf Elblink, and Yakov Kortski together founded Hasdei Tikva foundation. Asaf Elblink was already helping people of Ramat, Hasharon by paying off their debts at the grocery stores. Currently, Asaf Elblink holds the position of Deputy Mayor of Ramat, Hasharon and also handling the activities of Hasdei Tikva foundation from above.

They are regularly working to aid circles and expand their foundation by recruiting several other volunteers. The activities of Assaf Elblink and his companions towards the charity are all praiseworthy and their assistance is always highlighted that is done for the residents of the town.

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