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Are there any guaranteed surrogacy programs?

The couple who had suffered a lot due to not able to conceive a baby for them it goes beyond saying that the guaranteed program is very attractive; however, they should be very attentive while considering this program than what is offered and guaranteed for them.

Every clinic or hospital is responsible to meet the clients’ expectations and they need to make sure that all possible scenarios with related consequences have been considered and taken into account.

The couple who is opting for the guaranteed programs should be well aware these programs do not guarantee a pregnancy and baby delivery, but there are potential risks and unfavorable circumstances that they should bear in mind.

What questions need to be asked by the clinic before the guaranteed program?

We at Select IVF India, suggest the couples always ask the following questions before they opt for the guaranteed program and these are:

1. Who will cover the compensation made to surrogate mothers in case of miscarriage or premature delivery? Is this covered by intended parents or the guaranteed program?

2. What happens if the baby is delivered through the guaranteed program with genetic or non-genetic abnormalities?

3. In case, surrogacy is banned in the country then how much money is refundable from the guaranteed program to intended parents?

4. How much time taken to complete the program? How long it will take to deliver a baby and what’s the success rate of the program?

5. By whom the intensive care cost is bear in case of premature delivery?

6. The couples should ask the clinic or hospitals that they have an anonymous Egg donor or is it possible for the couples to choose themselves?

Why choose Select IVF India for guaranteed programs?

By choosing the Select IVF India for the guaranteed program here you will get all the answers of the above-mentioned questions thoroughly answered as we value a lot for each individual whosoever visit our company and give our best to fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

In the guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program Select IVF India offers the following:

• We offer unlimited IVF/ICSI procedures.

• The cost of standard medication is covered by Select IVF India.

• At Select IVF India, we have a large database of egg donors and the couples can choose the egg donor according to their preference.

• In case, the couples do not wish to choose the egg donor from Select IVF India database, in such case anonymous Egg Donor will be provided by the IVF clinic.

• At Select IVF India, we cover the New IVF and Egg donation program expenses which include the costs, in case of miscarriage, until the successful pregnancy is achieved.

We at Select IVF India, fully informed about the legal aspects, the contractual rights and obligations of the guaranteed program to all the couples visit us. This way it helps us and the couples to run the surrogacy process smooth and stress-free.


At Select IVF India, we have an expert like Dr. Nalini Gupta who makes the guaranteed program equals to guaranteed satisfaction for each individual whosoever is struggling to have an own baby. For Surrogacy Treatment Visit Hospital & Get Free Online Consultation.

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