Animation for Web Designers

Animation Introduction for Websites & Web Designer

Animations are a popular concept these days, and it is continuously widening its area of application. The idea of presenting a piece of useful information to the audience through videos containing animated characters and objects works wonders. It has proved itself in a number of different industries associated with the field of both, sciences and arts. It has not worked just for filmmaking and marketing, but for engineering and medicine as well. The animation is one of those incredible tools that can affect the progress of a number of diversified fields with the same efficiency.

The responses that animation has received from these industries are outstanding and highly influential. The influence is immense to the level that animation is eventually becoming a crucial part of the fields where it is implemented. Website designing is one of the following fields, and the trend of using animations on websites is gradually becoming a norm. Businesses and other professional organizations are hiring animators for video animation services for their official websites. This article is an attempt to explore a few significant factors regarding the understanding and the importance of animation in the field of web designing.

Reasons that make Animation Useful for Websites

There are a number of different factors that are making animation an essential aspect of web designing. A list of various reasons that make animation a handy tool for website designing is as follows.

The attention that a Website Needs

A website that uses animation successfully grabs the attention of its visitors at first sight, and the minds become hooked to it, wanting to see more. Blinking of the animated texts and characters refrains the eyes from distracting. This feature of animation makes it a highly suitable tool for web designing because websites need to attract visitors and the designers often use different techniques to attain this task. This is the very first step towards making a website a success, drawing the first glances that come to visit.

A Good Tool for Retaining Traffic

Animation has a number of different attributes that contribute to making it a proficient tool that a diversified range of different industries can utilize. One of the characteristics of animation is that it is exceptionally good at sticking to the audience’s mind. The animation is a process that transforms an ordinary real-life event or character into something peculiar and exciting, making it an object of amazement for the audience.

The amazement is the emotion that is attached to the animated element on the website, and the mind pays more attention to it; as a result, ensuring a more extended memory of the animation. In the case of animated videos, the attribute becomes even stronger because videos are delivered in a storytelling manner most of the times also if they do not appear to be a story. Since stories are better at staying with the audience for long, animation videos remain too. This is why websites often edit their old web designs and add animated videos by taking the help of video animation services.

Provides Assistance for Enhancing UX

User experience or UX is one of the most crucial aspects of web designing. If a website is designed in the best way possible, but the users do not report a good experience while using it, the site will fail to deliver its core purpose. On the other hand, if a website is simple in outlook and has no extraordinary features, but the users are happy with it, the website will be considered a success. Keeping this concept in mind, we can safely say that using animation can help a web designer make successful websites because animation can contribute a significant portion in enhancing the user experience for the users.

Animation functions exceptionally good when there is a need for creating a visual cue or a list of ordered focusing points on a webpage. The users will not experience exhaustion while looking for an essential feature on the webpage if the designer will use animations for highlighting important features. Moreover, if the animated features will be placed at different significant positions in order, they will effectively form a visual cue to guide the viewers’ sight and lead it to the call of action in a productive manner.

Improves UI

The user interface of a website is the appearance of the website that plays a vital role in forming the User experience. It also contributes to developing a particular persona of the business or organization to which the site belongs. The animation is one of the most reliable tools that a web designer can use for improving the UI of the website and make the visitors have a more impressive and advanced image of the website. The movement of different elements makes the site more active and realistic to the audience, encouraging a more active response from them. Professional designers believe that websites that have an animated element present on the home page tend to appear aesthetical superior as well.

Conveyance of Information

Animations can be utilized to convey a piece of information with clarity and longer memorability. Animations are the strong attractions that do not only attract the first glance of the visitors but also holds it for long in order to ensure the transference of the information. Something that a text would take too long to explain can be delivered with animations in just a few moments. That is because, as they say, actions speak louder than words. Websites need a tool that would transfer meaningful information to the audience and animation fulfills that need with a plus point of not making the visitor feel bored.


These are a few most significant attributes that the animation offers to web designing. All of these can be a great help for the designers can help them accomplish a variety of their goals. However, the success of the website also depends on the intelligent use of this incredible tool of animation.

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