An amazing tour to Abu Dhabi

An amazing tour to Abu Dhabi

There are two famous cities located in United Arab Emirates one of them is Dubai and the second one is Abu Dhabi very nice in their own way but if we talk about Abu Dhabi it is the largest city of Arab Emirates and also the most stylish one because it has more one opportunity is more entertainment points nice hotels beach restaurants Iceland’s and much more things.

If you have a person of tourism or you want to explore something very nice so Abu Dhabi is the best place and best Choice Award there are so many things to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour some of them are as follows.

Abu Dhabi City Tour:

The most amazing and knowledgeable place to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour is Ferrari World which is the world’s first Ferrari print amusement park which has all cars of Ferrari friends as we all know that Ferrari is the most expensive brand so everyone cannot afford it so they have displayed all the Ferrari brand cars and you have an opportunity to drive them and another opportunity that you can avail in Ferrari World is that you can enjoy all the beautiful and famous rights of Ferrari World which are famous across the world.

Another beautiful place to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour is Marina Mall, which has all the famous branded outlets 5 star hotel. The amazing view the nice collection of food and snacks separate fun area for children the ground basement parking and much more. the most expensive and Stylish fashion trend Mall of the Dubai that is Marina Mall.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Another place to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour is corniche beach which is the most fantastic and famous outdoor destination where the seaside provide overall Garden and beautiful look along with Arabian Gulf this beach is divided into three section Al Sahel is for single people’s and group of friends and Gate to is for families and get tree is also for families Especially for children this piece has special children area and it has opportunity to play sports like volleyball football cricket place visited can also friend a speed boat or a Jet Ski to enjoy all the beautiful and famous views of corniche beach.

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Another knowledge simple interesting place to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour is Heritage Village whose main function is to display a live image of old traditional lifestyle of the Ancient peoples of United Arab Emirates at present their life in such a way that if you have one brief look you can easily identify their culture very easily the exhibition of the old ornaments consists of the wild life marine life mountain life where visitors can easily identify the old traditional custom Civilization and norms of the United Arab Emirates the exhibition also consists of household Handicrafts air veterans old utensils and also their culture and arts Dubai Heritage village is open for all the people means anyone can visit it and get to know about the old and traditional culture of United Arab Emirates.


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