Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2019

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Amazon in 2019

Amazon is a market of trillion dollars.

You read it right, trillion dollars.

With this, the power of the Amazon affiliate program can be measured.

Thousands of affiliate marketers are linked to Amazon’s program and they make money sleeping.

Being the oldest affiliate program available on the internet, Amazon is recommended by genius marketers around the planet.

Coming to the topic, we gotta learn how to make money on Amazon in 2019 using the affiliate program:

Step #1: Choose a Suitable Product Niche

This is the first step to your making money with Amazon. Find a suitable product niche. By suitable, it means that the products with a good margin of commissions and purchases globally.

Wrapping it up, choose a product niche which is trending and the users are interested in getting their hands on.

Step #2: Create a Blog!

Majority of the Amazon affiliates use a blog to promote the products they’ve selected. A blog can get you more conversion rates as you’ve got the maximum control on how you convince blog readers to make a purchase using your affiliate link.

For creating a blog, choose a simple and effective CMS, a fast loading theme and start writing the product reviews you’ve chosen. Submitting your blog to Search Engine’s webmaster tools is a must thing. This will fetch organic traffic and you are already familiar with the worth of it.

Step #3: Write Lengthy and Effective Reviews

To make money with Amazon, your blog needs to publish lengthy and convincing reviews.

Oh, I forgot something.

The reviews must be SEO optimized and so your blog will be loved by Google, Bing & Yahoo! Amazon SEO Consultant will help you to do that.

Those reviews must have a call to action button at the end of each product with your affiliate link.

Step #4: Make Use of Social Media

Till now, we have made efforts to rank blog in SERPs but there’s another way to attract blog visitors.

The way is all about harnessing the power of social media. Promotion over popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is an effective way to generate traffic for your blog. That traffic will surely be convinced to make a purchase after being convinced by the effective product reviews you’ve published.

Step #5: A YouTube Channel: multiplies the SALES & Revenue

When it comes to YouTube; the second most visited website on the internet anything can be promoted with no cost. Looking Into Depth of the Five Major Video Marketing Types.

Just like you’ve written product reviews, you can create video product reviews to fetch more clicks. More clicks will eventually lead to more sales in the long run.

To make video reviews, you can use online video makers or effective tools including Camtasia & premiere pro.

Video is the most converting form of content on the internet. All you need is to make videos work your way in promoting the products you’ve chosen.

Step #6: Google Adwords: A powerful weapon

Running a Google Adwords campaign can cause hype in the sales graph. Google AdWords ads have got a good conversion rate. This is the reason digital marketers make use of its effectiveness.

Targetting the right audience improves the chances of getting sales. Google Adwords owes great control over targetting the audience. Know your audience, target them and make the campaign go live. That’s all.

Amazon has the potential

Amazon is the second trillion dollar company has excellent potential for everyone. Whether you wanna sell, purchase or affiliate the products, that’s a nice place to get started. Amazon affiliate program is the recommended program to join if you really wanna make money by promoting the products. A simple strategy has been shared and it’s up to you how you unleash the real potential of Amazon.

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