9 Easy and Affordable Methods to Begin Getting Healthier

9 Easy and Affordable Methods to Begin Getting Healthier

With the current health crisis scouring the world, you need to take care of your well-being now more than ever. But recent research has shown Americans are having a difficult time staying healthy. Experts say that only 3 percent of Americans practice living a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, you may run into certain challenges. Healthy food can be prohibitively expensive and gym memberships can be very pricey. However, staying in shape and eating well doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

You can start turning your life around with the following tips.

Building Healthy Eating Habits

Experts say that American diets have too many calories. According to these experts, the average American now eats over 2,100 calories a day which can lead to over 31 pounds of weight gained annually. Here are a few tips you can use to reduce your caloric intake and start eating a little more healthily.

• Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest methods of staying healthy but there’s so much more you can do. Drink a glass of water instead of cracking open a can of soda during mealtimes. Have water when you’re thirsty and chug an antioxidant drink mix daily rather than sipping sugary beverages. Doing so won’t just lower your calorie intake but decrease your sugar consumption as well.

• Eat More Natural Food

Americans today eat too much-processed food. Open your pantry or your refrigerator and count how much of your food comes in boxes, cans, or jars. Although processed foods aren’t necessarily bad for you, they tend to have a lot of chemicals and preservatives. Instead, buy more natural food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh food is full of essential vitamins and nutrients with fewer chemicals than the stuff in cans.

• Eat Mindfully

How long do you spend actually enjoying the food you eat? Do you savor each bite or do you wolf everything down quickly because of your busy schedule? Eating too fast not only ruins your enjoyment of food but also deceives your stomach into thinking you’re still hungry when it’s actually full. Mindful eating teaches you to enjoy each bite, to take your time during meal and to chew thoroughly. This prevents you from overeating and lets you draw mental enjoyment from the act of eating.

Getting into Shape

Lots of gyms and similar establishments had to close because of the pandemic, depriving people of their physical exercise. However, the lack of exercise has been a problem in America long before the pandemic. In 2013, the justify for Disease Control discovered that over 80 percent of adults in the country aren’t getting enough exercise. The following are some easy tips for getting a little more exercise in your daily life.

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• Take the Stairs

How often do you take an escalator or elevator when you’re only going one floor up? Taking the stairs can burn only a few calories, but they all add up eventually. The key to taking the stairs isn’t to rush up them but to take your time so you can avoid tiring yourself out and getting sweaty before you reach your destination.

• Stretch Often

A lot of work involves sitting in front of a computer for a prolonged period. However, this can compromise your posture as well as the health of your skeletal and muscular systems. Every thirty minutes stand up and start stretching. There are a few basic moves you can touch your toes and lean your body to either side. This will alleviate stress from your spine and limber up your joints.

• Put on Some Tunes

Exercising can be grueling, especially when you’re just starting out. You can make exercising more upbeat and less of a chore by playing upbeat music during your workout sessions. Find songs that have a fast beat that you like. Listening to their rapid rhythm can help you power through basic routines and get you fitter in no time.

Getting Some Zzzs

Vitamin S or a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential elements to staying happy, healthy and alive. However, you may have trouble getting some decent sleep because of stress of your own practices. Below are three easy ways to give yourself a fighting chance to get to dreamland.

• Get Some Scent

Essential oils and incense are very effective in getting you to calm down and enjoy some rest. Unlike scented candles, which can become fire hazards if unsupervised, essential oils and incense sticks are easy to manage. Choose scents like chamomile, lavender and bergamot which can soothe your mind and put you at ease.

• Turn Down the Lights

Melatonin is a neurochemical responsible for getting you to sleep. However, your body only produces melatonin when its dark. Shut the curtain and turn off all the lights in your room. Get a sleep mask if you want to be extra sure your body chemicals won’t be disrupted by light.

• Put Away the Gadgets

Finally, don’t get distracted by your laptop or cellphone. Not only are these devices a source of light which can disrupt your melatonin production, but they also distract you from sleeping. There’s always something new to look at on the internet and you can waste hours surfing the web instead of sleeping. Set your alarms on your devices and put them out of reach so you can enjoy some sleep.

Being healthy doesn’t have to a chore or an expense. These tips help you stay fit without breaking the bank and get you set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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