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8 Strange Things to Do in South Africa to Spice Up Your Travel Experience

If you’re reading this article, you’re most probably either trying to visit different places in South Africa or thinking of visiting this beautiful nation. South Africa is a beautiful country surrounded by stunning landscapes and underwater paradise. No matter where you go, you will find some astonishing natural beauty that will make you fall in love with the environment around it.

South Africa Tour
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Over 16 million tourists visited South Africa last year, and it is expected to further increase in the future (Source). The people who visited South Africa have left many positive reviews, and most of them have thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

How can you spice up your travel experience when in South Africa?

No matter where you go in South Africa, you will encounter something that will stun you. To get extraordinary experience, you need to do something unusual, though. In this section of this article, I’m about to list out eight strange things that you can do in South Africa that will add adventure, memory, and fun.

  1. Have some adventure on Table Mountain

One of the most prominent landmarks in the whole Capetown is Table Mountain. It is a massive chunk of sandstone, and it is 3,500 ft tall. In a nutshell, Table Mountain is a national park, but it is not an ordinary one.

It is an excellent spot for hikers, and it has over 350 paths for reaching Summit. It is possible to reach the destination via cable car, but you may not want to do that. You will miss out on experiencing various sights along the way if you go to the Summit by taking a walk. With that said, hiking can be challenging at times due to bad weather.

On your way to the Summit, you can observe beautiful clear skies and can also check out the infamous Table Cloth, which are clouds that cover the mountain.

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2. An unusual

hot air balloon ride

You can enjoy the astonishing beauty of Magalie River Valley as you rise in the sky via Hot Air Balloon. This place is an hour North West of Johannesburg, which is South Africa’s capital. As you fly high enough and get off the ground, you will experience a profound silence, which might freak out some people.

There are occasional blasts of fire, and that’s it. The balloon contains no engine, propeller, and the experience will occur only between you and birds in the sky. If you are a bird lover, you would have a great time.

3. Desert Rafting

Desert Rafting will be a unique kind of experience for most of the people. The orange, red, and brown hues are around the dry, rocky landscape, which surrounds the Orange river. In the case of banks of the river, you can find patches of green vegetation.

A lot of things await you in the Northern Cape. Even with its natural beauty, it is the least visited place in South Africa. It is a fantastic experience to raft on the windy river on the desert side. To add the cherry on the cake, you can finish the night with a Braai BBQ.

Orange River Rafting
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4. Enjoy Kayaking with Crocs and Hippos

You can find some of the most dangerous animals in Africa at The St. Lucia estuary. This to-do list is not for faint-hearted, so keep in mind that you should not do kayaking here if you are afraid of adventure and risks.

The people who have tried Paddling Kayaking here, The wetlands Safari, in the past have much enjoyed the moment.

UNESCO has listed the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in its World Heritage Site, and it is well known for its swamp forest and wide range of wildlife.

By the way, can you guess the most violent animal in Africa? What if I tell you it is a hippo. It is surprising, and I was also surprised when I heard it for the first time. These hippos may look lousy but can be extremely aggressive at times.

5. Befriend with Penguins at Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is the colony of African penguins, which came into existence in 1982. Once you reach the beach, you will get to see it for yourself.

In addition to observing and having a relationship with penguins, you can also see the majestic beauty of mountains and its scenic landscapes.

South African Penguin
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Keep calm and observe penguins, as they will not come to harm you.

6. Surfing the coast

South Africa boasts some of the most exciting surf conditions in the world. Just get a car in rent and travel to coast from Cape Town to Durban. You will find many surfing spots along the way where you can stop and surf.

A few surfing spots for enjoying and testing your surfing skills are Jeffreys and Muizenberg Bay. The water is cold, but thanks to waves and a calm environment, giving it a shot will be worth it. I forgot to mention that sharks are beautiful as well.

7. Shark Cage Diving

You can experience Shark Cage Diving in different areas of South Africa. Like some other activities that I’ve talked about in the previous points, this one is also not for faint-hearted people.

Get into warm waters inside the protective cage and observe a variety of rare species of sharks. There are many kinds of Sharks in South Africa, and some of the popular ones are white sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerheads.

There is one thing you must never do if you are trying to experience Shark Cage Diving. Do not even think of putting your finger outside the protective cage.

Shark Diving
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8. Cango Caves

We will briefly discuss Cango Caves and end the list. It is 29 km far away from Oudtshoorn, which is the Western Cape of South Africa. You will get to discover the magnificent beauty that lies in an underground via Cango Caves.

You will see what lies beneath the South African surface once you start exploring the caves. You will feel astonished when you check out the unique rock formation. Finally, explore dripstone caverns, and you will get to vast halls along with towering rock formations.

Over to You

If you do all the things mentioned here, you will feel that South African experience is out of this world. Keep in mind that the things that I’ve mentioned are for adding unusual memories to your trip including Haunted places, not a complete guide to South Africa.

Besides the things that I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of other things that you can do for making your trip memorable. Do you guys want more insights to this material? If you want to add more value, feel free to share it with our audience. It is always great to read fresh insights.

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