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Email marketing is an important means of increasing your brand awareness. It’s also an excellent strategy to improve your conversion by marketing your products and services directly to your audience or potential customers. By so doing, impactful results are achieved in your business. Apart from the impacts mentioned above, other benefits of email marketing include:

● Establishing credibility
● Generating Sales qualified leads
● Boosting conversion
● Vital customer information
● Better customer relations

Now you would agree with me that email marketing is a crucial strategy to up your game and stand out in your business. However, with the countless benefits it has, some companies still make mistakes. We will share the information collected by the dedicated team of My Custom Essay. Enjoy the article and note that any error in business can cause you a fortune, so this article will highlight those common mistakes made by companies and how you can avoid them.

1. Unclear Sender Identity

Most businesses use a generic approach in sending their mails which most times are not engaging. Instead of adopting such a method, email contents resonate well with every individual it is intended. I believe you wouldn’t want a situation where your emails are left unopened in their inbox?

Include personal information like your name and your role in the business; this will give your audience the feeling that the email isn’t auto-generated. As they know more about you, they become more connected to you. And from time to time, research to know more about your audience to meet their needs.

2. Inaccurate Email Subject

Some marketers are fond of using Catchy subject lines to get their audience to open a mail after which the content says a different thing totally. To build trust and loyalty between you and your customers then you should cease from misleading subject lines. The bottom line is to keep it genuine and ethical.

3. Bland Email Content

Too long and irrelevant or boring content should be avoided. If you can’t afford to outsource the content and copy creation to a good content writer, then these tools will help to improve your results.

● My writing way/via writing– email copywriting guide

● Paper flows – an online editing tool to make sure your grammar is sound

● Academy advisor – editing tool for grammar check

Academized/Australian help – this helps to proofread and correct errors in spelling and grammar

Studydemic – don’t get stuck again thinking of a perfect subject line, this tool will generate as many as you need in minutes.

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4. Ignoring Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of the internet is accessed through the mobile phone. So if you only tailored your mail to be opened in the computer, you might be losing out on potential customers. Take the users of mobile devices in mind while designing your email marketing.

5. Forgetting to test your emails before sending

Before hitting the send button, test the look of your email on different browsers and perhaps devices as well. Irrespective of the email software you’re using. You must be sure you have a professional look.

6. No segmentation

The way you market to different people of different age groups and backgrounds matter. You can’t sell to an 18-year-old the same way you would to a 40year old. So, if your audience includes a range of personalities, then segmenting your mail is very important.

7. Not adding a personal touch

As earlier stated. Including personal information in the mail and your role gives your audience the assurance that they’re dealing with an honest professional and not a scammer.

To give your brand a more human touch, here are a few things you can do:

● You don’t always have to sound all formal. At some point, say something funny.

● Add photos of your team.

8. Sending emails randomly

Not being regular in sending the mails can jeopardize your business. You can set a schedule for it so as not to lose you, customers.

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