7 Ways to Attract Profitable Traffic on Your Web Store

7 Ways to Attract Profitable Traffic on Your Web Store

If you have a web store, I am sure that you must be looking for ways to have increased attention. Traffic means more awareness about your products which would result in more sales. How to increase traffic on your web store is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet.

However, not all types of traffic are suitable for you. Negative traffic would only distract you from achieving your goals and would give you unrealistic results. Therefore, it is suitable that you put your efforts in the following five techniques to improve your traffic: search engines, social platform, link traffic and PPC and bookmarking. These traffic sources can help you to boost your traffic which would yield positive results.

Let’s take a look at the seven ways you can attract profitable traffic on your web store.

1. Increase traffic with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you to consistently attract traffic on your web store. People try to instantly attract traffic without thinking about how to keep at it in the long run. Hence even if they succeed at it in the beginning, the web store is certain to fail sooner or later. SEO optimization like meta-descriptions, alt image text and internal links to other products or websites can make a difference which will be beneficial in attracting positive traffic in the long run. SEO audit is also an important aspect while choosing the relevant SEO for your web store. SEOs are being commonly used today by websites to promote their products and are also easy to use and understand.

2.Increase Traffic with Internal Links

Internal Links are useful for you to attract positive traffic on your web store but be careful as to not overuse them. Too many internal links look like spam and are difficult to understand. Use them when necessary and you would be thrilled as they would help to create value for your shoppers and help with your SEO.

In addition to the effective implementation of internal links, the traffic you generate would hang around your web store for a larger time, keep them loyal and generate a better customer experience. The internal link can be as simple as adding pictures of the products or more information about it which would help the customers and make them loyal to you.

3. Use Google ads to boost your traffic

Google ads are vital if you want to boost your audience on the web store. You can target new customers with the help of DSA. DSAs are ads that are targeted by Google based on the search query of the users. So if a person is looking for a product that is similar to yours, google will show an ad of your web store to them which will be in attracting them to your website and you may get a new customer.

Google ads are quite easy to generate and you can learn how to use them effectively online. They are helpful in attracting positive traffic to your web store and increasing the chances of getting new customers.

4. Give free samples to bloggers and influencers

If you are looking for different ways to increase traffic, this is one of the most effective ways. For example, if you are selling swimsuits you can contact popular bloggers who would help you in the marketing of your product along with Instagram influencers. You have the opportunity to attract their followers to your web store if you are successful in convincing these bloggers. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular trend all over the world for the past two years and you should be careful when choosing your bloggers so that you get the maximum benefit from them.

5.Improve your traffic through Facebook campaigns

After Google, Facebook is the most popular webpage in the world. Which is why it plays a key role in generating traffic and you should use it to your benefit. You should be running traffic campaigns to attract new customers and remarketing campaigns to attract your previous customers. There are different types of campaigns you can use according to your needs. How successful you are depending on the campaign you use and the target audience you implement the strategy on.

6.Attract traffic by guest blogging on other websites

The one way you can succeed in generating constant traffic is by making you look an expert in your niche. One way you can do this is by creating helpful blogs on different websites which would be helpful in generating traffic on your web store. However, the standards are usually high and a post that looks like promotional would set you back for a long time. The key idea is to offer tips and solution which should be brief and well written and be kept within the guidelines set by the website. If you are successful in adhering to these rules, your web store would likely attract new traffic which consists of potential customers.

7.Direct traffic with email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways for you to attract traffic back to your web store. The platform you use does not play that important of a role if you are regularly posting both automatic and weekly marketing emails. There should be a segmented email list on who to send the mail to on the basis of location, specific pages the user has visited or on how much he/she spends on products. This would be helpful when you are targeting the audience and trying to boost your sales.


For your strategy to be successful, not only you have to try out different campaigns that are suitable for you but it is important to boost traffic in different ways to make sure that you are covered from all aspects. This means that you must use long-term SEOs and be creative with your content. Keep analyzing your products and look at ways you can improve them so that you can adapt to traffic increase and decrease in an effective manner. The above-mentioned ways have been used to boost traffic by different companies and would work out for you too if you use them in a careful way.

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