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7 trending Affordable Business Ideas

Nowadays every person wants to become independent and work independently without the influence of his/her boss. So these people think of starting their own company or business. They then start brainstorming business ideas with their friends, colleagues, family, and relatives. After a broad discussion, they finally choose a business which they will be able to do and earn more profit with little investment.

Here are the top seven business ideas that you can work without quitting your current job and make passive income.

1.Affiliate Marketing

We can become an affiliate member of online selling e-commerce companies for free. After becoming a member, we can earn a commission by promoting other companies products and services. All we have to do is, choose a product we like, promote it and make a profit on each sale that comes from our marketing efforts. We can promote products using below-mentioned platforms.

A. Social Media Campaign

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration by saying that the world revolves around social media. If you are not creating a presence in social media, you are missing the majority of the target audience. We can write blogs or posts about products by creating social media accounts, pages or groups.

B. Use Search Engine Optimization

It is also known as SEO. By using grey hat techniques, we can improve the visibility of our website among search engines in natural or organic searches. SEO is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Using proper SEO technique can skyrocket your website traffic and conversions.

C. Blogging

We can write about the products and services if the website contains the blog section. We can also give product reviews or create infographics that our readers can view in the website which create trustworthiness among people.

D. Monthly emails or newsletter

Sending monthly emails to people will give them a better idea of the products we provide and if there are any new changes as well as new products coming in. We can offer our subscribers some promos, discounts and a small incentive for signing up. Not only we can send great information but also helps in maintaining customer relationship.

E. Create helpful videos

We need to create useful and creative videos that will help promote our products and services by creating awareness among users. By creating videos, you can describe the problem which they might be facing and providing the solution you provide. This will increase your goodwill and also increases conversion

2. Application Developer

The application developer is yet another business option. New Applications are launched every day, and if we believe that we have the relevant skills, we should do it. Application development includes the creation of the software which aims at helping users to solve their problem or to complete their work. We can also hire some highly experienced IT professionals who can help in the development of the application quickly.

Application development requires a sound knowledge of all computer programming languages and logic. One can develop an application by sitting in the office or at the comfort of home. Once the development and testing stage of an application is complete, we need to do a proper marketing strategy to promote it.

The developer can set up his own office and hire employees or can also do freelancing by developing more contacts.

3. Website developer

A website is the heart of a business. A website contains information about the business, products and services, contact and most importantly about our blog. A website creates the first impression in the mind of the customers. Based on the website’s interface, people get attracted to buy the products and services.

A website developer develops a website by using programming languages like HTML and CSS. Every business needs a site to drive their traffic, to make sales and profit. If we want to take our web building skills to the next level we can learn advance website creation skill online.

The developer’s work is to modify and maintain the website from time to time by doing proper testing and analysis daily.

4. Social Media Consultant

If you are an Internet and social media savvy, then this business is for you. Big and small business makes use of many social media platforms to promote their products and services. On Facebook, we can create our own page to advertisements and promote products to the specific target audience. On Instagram, we can make infographics and upload with proper hashtags and descriptions.

Being a Social media consultant is a business that has unlimited potential and growth in terms of money and fame with a client base that can span across the world. A social media consultant needs to be active all the time for any messages, comments or reviews which helps towards the growth of the business.

5 Financial Advisor

Managing finance is an important key to growth and success. Many businesses or people go bankrupt even after having a very strong financial background due to weak financial management. If you have good financial knowledge about the market, then this is a great business option for you.

The Financial Advisor’s main job is to guide and inform the people about the insurance, Mutual funds, Systematic Investment Plan(SIP), stocks, etc. Many people don’t know how to manage their finance and so they consult financial advisors. One needs to be or should hire a Certified Financial Advisor to start this business.

6 Tax Consultant

Since the Introduction of GST, it is mandatory to file returns every month and hence it has a great scope now. A Tax consultant is a person whose job is to take care of the taxes that has been levied to a person or a company. A tax consultant helps in Annual compliances, filings and even advice their customers on how to maximize their tax saving.

One needs to do a course in tax consultation to obtain a certified degree and also has to work under the mentorship of tax consultants of a company. After gaining some experience one can start their own small firm for consulting and giving advice to the people, small and big companies.

7 Blogger

In earlier days blogs were written to share personal thoughts and feelings to the people. Nowadays it is used to promote the business, products, and services online to the target audience. The quality of a blog will determine how much benefit will it give to you. A good quality blog might increase your revenue by 140%.

A blogger needs to be creative and versatile with information about the various field. A new blogger, at the start of their career, doesn’t get that much success as expected but gradually after gaining some experience he/she will gain fame according to the quality of blogs he/she writes. A blogger can earn from $20 to $150 per article depending on the work.

So these are the seven trending business ideas that will definitely help you flourish in your career and can add one more feather to your wings and fly high.

What’s next?

After you successfully establish your business at the local and national level and earning a considerable amount of profit, you can think of expanding it internationally to achieve skyrocket success.

To export your products/services from India you will need IEC code ( Import-export code ). The government gives various benefits and incentives to the exporters such as SIES, MEIS, EPCH, etc.


Afleo.com will help you in all Legal work that you will require to import-export your services from India. Our objective is to provide you the maximum benefits which you can get by the Government from exporting your services/products.

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