7 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Store is Not Making Money

7 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Store is Not Making Money

Running a successful eCommerce store is a journey that comes with its ups and down. While everyone starts with the goal and desire to succeed, many find themselves stuck somewhere in the middle. There are lessons from expert Magento development services that will help you keep your store running and profitable for the longest time possible. These lessons include mistakes that have caused other people to miss great opportunities to make money.

Choice of an E-commerce Platform that Does Not Serve Your Purpose

An e-commerce platform is the foundation of all your online activities. The platform you use determines the kind of features you would be able to provide your clients, their user experience and other such elements. Customers will be attracted to your site as first-time visitors or return customers because of the experience that the platform presents. There are important considerations to make while choosing a platform. These considerations include the products you are offering, growth plans for your business, level of control you wish to exercise on the website and tools that you plan to integrate into your website to support your E-commerce business. You would also consider your budget, plan to provide fitting customer experience and choose appropriate designs, among other elements. Choose a platform that not only suits your needs today as well as provide room for future expansion.

Failing To Understand Your Target Audience

All businesses have target audiences. You would tailor your plans to meet their needs. If you do not understand the needs and mannerisms of your target audience, it will be impossible to meet their needs. You must develop a plan that defines the audience and clearly sets them apart, especially when you target different segments. This enables you to develop a plan that is unique for your audience. As you define the audience, you must be clear about whether the audience or market is in need of your product. Choose a language that communicates to them best. Through this understanding, you will develop a strategy that places the audience at the center of all your operations. Understand the struggles your clients are going through and the options they have tried. This allows you to provide them with unique solutions.

Having a Website That Cannot Be Scaled

Businesses are designed to grow over time. This means that the infrastructure you began with will change. It is an inconvenience to transfer clients from one platform to the other just because you have grown. With the changes in technology, you may be forced to make changes every year or even several times a year. Invest in a platform that you can scale up or down depending on your needs. The clients will get used to this platform and not have to relearn every time you scale your services. Hire Magento developers with experience to make scaling up and down seamless.

Lack of Simple Navigation

The best e-commerce platforms have mastered the balance between design and functionality. It is important for your website to look good. However, the website should be easy to use and should provide users with the best navigation experience. Do not overdo the design at the expense of navigation. Navigation is an element that will keep visitors on your site and has an influence on whether visitors would return to your website. Use navigation terms that are simple to understand. You must make content on your website easy to find. The features you have installed, including ‘search’ should work. A visitor who experiences frustration while using these features from time to time will naturally abandon your website. This customer will most likely never return. Once you lose a customer because of such simple mistakes, it will be very difficult to get him or her back.

Web Content and Platform Design that Is Not SEO Friendly

Ecommerce websites are highly reliant on organic traffic. This organic traffic has the potential of propagating repeat clients. You will also have to spend a lot of resources to recapture any clients you lose. You should treat content as a primary tool for marketing and engaging customers. It is a huge mistake to regard content as an afterthought. It will lead to a lost connection with your clients and a loss of business as well. Create a home page that is captivating to read. Product descriptions must capture the essence of your products. Optimize the content for search engines, as they are constantly scrolling through the internet looking for content that is relevant for serving to their customers. If search spiders cannot read your content or crawl page on your website, you will be unable to take advantage of organic traffic.

Lack of a Simple Checkout Process From Magento Development Services

Checkout is extremely important for ecommerce stores. A visitor wants to order goods through the most convenient channel. This is why you have to provide your customers with a convenient checkout system. Experts on ecommerce contend that a hectic checkout system will lead to cart abandonment, hence the need to provide a well-integrated and safe checkout system. Safety should be viewed in terms of money and personal information for your clients. The checkout process should be straightforward, one that does not require a lot of documents and personal information. If the client is forced to give too much personal information, there are chances that he or she will feel like their privacy has been invaded. Make all attempts to provide a modest, straightforward, fast and secure checkout system to every customer.

Weak Brand Message and Identity

What do people see when they land on your website? Can they relate the website with actual products available on shelves? Branding on an e-commerce store should be similar to that done in physical stores. Send a strong message that entices your customers. Branding should be authentic and consistent. It must be strong and should represent the goods or services you offer. The message of your brand must also resonate with your target clients.


Building a rewarding e-commerce store is an on-going process. You need to embrace new ideas and make your presence unique by using the right platform. When you hire Magento developer, ensure that he has a proven record of developing productive e-commerce stores and the expertise to make your platform competitive.

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