7 Reasons Drupal more secure CMS in 2019

7 Reasons Drupal more secure CMS in 2019

For almost every organization whether small or large, security is the main concern when it comes to choosing a CMS for your business needs. Implementing the best security practices is one of the best ways to protect oneself. With so many CMS available in the market today, one must look for the robust one that comes with built-in security features. In terms of security, Drupal CMS has gained prominence and credit goes to its complex coding standards. Even though it is an open source CMS, it is so secure that even governmental organizations prefer Drupal for their websites. Record says businesses in the US that were affected by a data breach spent an average of 7.35 million dollars in 2017. This huge amount can be reduced if the business owners choose the right technology from the beginning. Learn How to Start an E-commerce Business website start with Drupal CMS.

Here are the main reasons that make Drupal the most secured CMS among all the Enterprise Content Management Solutions –


Drupal is the CMS that has been developed to fulfill all the security standards set by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a worldwide non-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of the software. This helps the Drupal’s security team in actively analyzing the CMS to identify & rectify the security vulnerabilities in its core platform thereby preventing future security risks.

• Large Community

Drupal CMS community is one of the most engaging communities across the world consisting of over 1 million dedicated developers, designers, trainers, strategists, editors, etc. The people in the community work together to constantly analyze the code for any errors in the platform and review the functionalities to reshape the technology. Having a huge community is an advantage as all the members are proactive and pay attention that every issue gets duly reported to the concerned security team on time.

• Secure Codebase

Though Drupal is an open source CMS, it is most reliable and secured one among all the ECM Software & Solutions. Based on a completely different & centralized model, the Drupal community has free add-ons available at Drupal official site that is covered by an internal security program. This approach not only complicates the modules and skins creation but also makes it tough for malicious code to enter. Every module contributed by any user is thoroughly reviewed by the community, to reduce error chances after which it gets approved by the core Drupal Maintainers.

• Database Encryption

Drupal CMS helps in configuring CMS in such a way that it encrypts the database on various levels to protect the data at the best level. The whole database of the website or just a part of the website’s database like some content, user accounts, etc. can be encrypted. This advanced encryption feature makes Drupal CMS easy to configure and pass multiple privacy standards.

• Authorized Access

Drupal is one of the best Enterprise Content Management Solutions that offer access controls allowing different user accounts to be made for multiple categories of websites. One example is the account of blog posting where the user will have only access to the writer, editor or publisher. This method limits users to their assigned roles restricting them from carrying out the tasks that they aren’t supposed to execute. This separate access controls for users helps in improving the application’s security.

• Organization’s Support

Drupal is the CMS that are often preferred by large corporations & governmental organizations that deals with sensitive data on their websites & cannot afford security breaches at any cost. NASA, UNESCO, Harvard University, Tesla, Nokia, etc. are some big names that trust Drupal CMS, as it enables them to take good care of the security measures on their websites & perform several internal audits. Any vulnerabilities found are passed to the security team of Drupal that handles it effectively.

• Built-in Security Reporting

Security of data plays a main role in building trust. One security breach not only damages the reputation but also break the trust. Drupal security features will always keep you up to date ensuring that the CMS add-ons & plugins are updated, and the website is configured perfectly. The Drupal feature that helps in constantly updating the latest CMS versions & its plugins help developers to act immediately if any vulnerability is found on the website.


As discussed above, we have many reasons that make Drupal CMS the champion in terms of security. Many governmental and private companies choose Drupal for their websites because of its strong features such as advanced security support, constant screening process, dedicated community, authorized access controls, database encryption and much more. However, the only negative feature of Drupal CMS is its complexity, making it hard for new users to use this CMS. This can be a positive point as this complexity makes the CMS more secure by making it difficult for malicious code to enter. If you need a secured CMS for your website, get in touch with the top CMS Solutions Company California & explore the top security features of Drupal CMS that can take your business to new heights.

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