7 Quirky & Crazy (or Unusual) Things to Do in Budapest

A visit to Budapest is probably on the top of almost everyone’s wishlist. After all, it is one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world.

Budapest, the heart of central Europe, draws the attention of visitors from worldwide. The incredible city is located on both banks of the Danube River and has something to offer for everyone. Whether you a first-time visitor or searching for unusual things to see and try while revisiting this place, here is something for all.


We’ve compiled a list of quirky and crazy things to do in Budapest.

So, let’s dive right in!

Pool party and Thermal Spa

Budapest is home to exceptional nightlife and unique bath parties that are conducted during summer, spring, and fall. In the months of winter, an indoor pool party is conducted. Besides, visitors also get a locker facility, and the party times in Budapest usually are from 10:30 pm to 3:00 Am.

What’s unique about it is that visitors can experience the soaking in a minimum of seven baths. For some, it is the best way of rejuvenation, and for others it as a place to reignite the spark in their relationship. Whatever reason you may have, it is undoubtedly one of the exciting things to do in Budapest.

Budapest Gaming Legacy

If you are interested in games, then here are some great things to do in Budapest. For gaming lovers, this is the time to pay the homage to a legendary game – Rubik’s Cube. It is the place where puzzle games were invented. Game over Budapest and The Pinball are two most famous museums where visitors check game relics and go back to the time of the 70s or 90s.

The former one contains a plethora of game consoles. Games like Pac-Man and Atari are the main attraction of this museum. The latter one is the Flipper museum where everyone is given a chance to play 130 pinball machines. Visitors enjoy and have fun for an average of 2.5 hours because of endless trials. If you are not a game lover, then you can explore the Ervin Library. The intricately carved walls and majestic chandeliers will make you feel like entering into a universe full of the extremely new world.

Explore the Farmer’s Market

Budapest, or the Queen of Danube, is a delight for everyone who wants to experience mouthwatering cuisines at a budgeted price. Eating and drinking in Budapest can be satisfying when it comes to exploring the colorful farmer’s market. A lot of visitors find it exciting to talk to the vendors and shop around where the deals are too good to miss.

Every Sunday morning, people come here to buy products like homemade cosmetics, Cakes, Mangalica sausage, bakery, dairy products, and a lot more. The market usually opens from 9:00 Am to 2 Pm. Besides, this place has become popular in such a short span because of street musicians. They are pretty good at creating a bohemian atmosphere. If you are a photo or selfie person, it is the best place to capture some beautiful moments.

Farmer Market budapest

Underground Caving Tour

Budapest is known for a number of unique things. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you are an adventurous person, then an underground caving tour is something that you would never want to miss. It is a fascinating tour to dive under Budapest cave. The experience of spending time on the land and underneath the surface makes it truly unforgettable.

Molnar Janos Cave is a protected cave, and it requires certification to explore the area. Besides, there are some other quirky & crazy things to do like scuba diving. Though this tour is not recommended for faint-hearted persons, adventure-seeking people will probably get the best kick here.

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Turkish Heritage

You might already know that the Ottoman Empire once occupied this unbelievable place. As a result, it left a few legacies behind. After the empire left this place, the government renovated the whole structure and converted back the mosque into the church. Gul Baba Tomb is now the national monument, which attracts a vast number of tourists.

Besides, a pond of Molar Janos Cave used to be a unique place to explore. As time passes by, it was used for grain mill. And, eventually left abandoned. It is hard to say anything about the uncertain future of this place. The magnificence of Gul Baba Tomb and Molnar Janos Cave remains unmatched in the entire city.

Normafa: A Must Visit Sight

Budapest, an all-time favorite place and cultural destination, is an immense attraction for foreigners. The city brims to the top with fascinating viewpoints. To enjoy the breathtaking view of this place, you will be required to visit the castle. The highest point in Budapest is Normafa hill.

normafa budapest

Normafa is the perfect hill to get picnic facilities. Though you will find residents jogging most of the time, it is no doubt that this place is awesome to have a good time with loved ones. If you are looking for an alternative of this hill, then there is no better place than Janos Hill. Away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city, the beauty here will surely catch the attention of your eyes.

The House of Terror

When you take a trip to Budapest, make sure you take out some time to visit “The House of Terror” – a museum dedicated to the unethical practices of the past. Everything is showed in such a way that people could get the visual and emotional experience.

Visiting this museum, you will notice the black painted roof as a reminder of the past horror incidents. It is quite commendable how the designers have made it possible to let people understand the history of Budapest. The best time to visit the museum is between 10 AM to 6 PM.


There you have it! These were the seven quirky and crazy things to do in Budapest. So, what things have you added on your wishlist? Do let us know what allure you the most. If you have been to this city before, feel free to share your experiences with us here in the comments.

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