7 Clever Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers and Views

7 Clever Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers and Views

Being popular on YouTube is something a lot of people aspire to be but not many can pull it off. It requires sheer dedication and hard work to build your channel.

Of course, a certain amount of luck is involved but with your determination and persistence you can increase your chances of making the most of any opportunity. We decided to help you with a few tips and tricks which many YouTubers use to increase their YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. Hers is a complete list of such sites at ReviewsXP which are providing services for increasing YouTube views and subscribers.

So, let’s get into it.

Decide on What You Want To Do And Follow Through:

If you are looking to take your YouTube channel seriously and experience growth in this platform then you have to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. This does not mean thinking about your end goal but rather how do you plan on accomplishing it. Everyone would like to have millions of subscribers on YouTube and millions of views on their videos but what differs is the process. How do you plan on achieving so many subscribers and views?

Decide on what you want your channel to be about and what theme your videos will follow. If you are passionate about something and would like your channel to showcase that then great. If nothing comes to mind make a list of all the YouTubers you like and look at their content types. This will help you understand what you like to see and might jog some ideas in your brain. Note these down. It’s okay if you can’t find ideas this way. You can search online for channel ideas and note the ones that are interesting and which you would be able to make videos on.

Once you have noted down a bunch of ideas it is time to narrow it to a few good ones. Why do you think we are stressing on planning what to do? Let’s take an example. If you upload a recipe video today, then you upload a vlog the next day, then a gaming video, then a reaction video which are not coherent at all then viewers will not have any idea about what to expect from your channel and are less likely to subscribe. So, it is very important to pick a theme for your channel and stick with it. Let’s go to the next tip which is related to this.

Make Interesting Videos That People Will Want To See:

There are two ways to go about it so let’s discuss both. The first way is to research what is working on YouTube currently and will fit well with your theme. Observe and analyse what other YouTubers are doing and start jotting down stuff which are interesting to you. Now, it is time to choose each idea and make a video which goes with your channel.

This is something that many YouTubers do and have been doing since social media platforms started growing exponentially and people started making money from it. Also, when a particular format is gaining tonnes of views for some YouTubers this means that there is a solid audience for this kind of stuff.

Let’s take reaction videos for example. Someone decided that it will be a good idea to let others watch him watching stuff. It worked and now there are hundreds if not thousands of reaction channels. Basically, people want to see how other people react to things they like. You can equate it to what we feel when we pester our friends to watch a particular anime scene or a particular video. So, it worked quite well. Also, learn to recognize trends and try to get on them as soon as possible.

The second method is to make original content which people will find interesting. Because if you make something that works then the payoff both in terms of views and subscribers and personal satisfaction will be higher.

But it is hard to come up with videos that people will find interesting. Research on what is working and then try to analyze why it works. Once you start breaking down trends you will understand what kind of videos attract attention and you will be able to make something of your own.

Good Quality Videos:

Why do people go to YouTube? To watch some videos and relax. A big turn off for most people is when a video is of bad quality. The quality of your videos determine the quality of your channel. If people are repulsed by what you put out then there is no way you are getting more views and subscribers. So, take time in planning your videos and make good-quality content. Invest in a good camera and microphone.

You do not have to go crazy with the budget and break your bank but try to buy a camera which outputs decent enough quality. You can use your iPhone to shoot the videos if the quality is good. Many popular YouTubers initially started out that way. Once you have started putting out content regularly and are generating some views and subscribers you can invest in better gear. Just ensure your videos should not be an eyesore because of its quality.

Your audio quality also matters. You need a microphone to record your ship. Do not rely on the phone or camera mic. They do not work well. Even having an average microphone can significantly improve audio quality.

Also, try to shoot your videos in a location where there is not too much background noise. If you are shooting outdoors then there will be some noise but ensure that you have a microphone on so that viewers can hear you clearly. If you are filming indoors try to have good lighting and a good background. Use a good editing software to make your videos good looking.

Fix the colours, light balance and the audio. The quality of your video can tell viewers how much effort you are putting in to make your videos. Don’t worry once you start growing you can invest in good equipment which can make your job easier. But when you are starting out you have to work harder to make your videos good looking.

Optimize Your Videos:

Having good content is a must to make sure that people who view it stick for other videos that you have uploaded. But a person will only be able to view your video once they have found it and clicked on it. So, how can you increase the chances of that happening? You optimize your video to ensure that people are able to find it i.e. you have to improve the visibility of your video. There are a few ways to do it. So, let’s discuss them.

The first thing that we will be talking about is the title of your video. The title of the video not only tells people what the video is about but also does a lot of other things. If your title is catchy people are most likely to click on your video than someone else’s. Let’s say you are searching for ways to cook scrambled eggs properly. You find a bunch of videos on YouTube. One of the titles says – Learn How To Cook Scrambled Eggs The Right Way, another says – Scrambled Eggs Recipe and another video is titled – Do these 5 Steps to Make Your Scrambled Eggs Restaurant Quality.

Which one would most people click on? Probably the last one because people equate good quality with restaurants and 5 steps sound simple. All the videos will probably follow similar steps but the title will decide which videos will be clicked on. Titles also influence the smranking of your videos on YouTube search results. So, include exact keywords in your video titles to improve the ranking.

Have a nice and attractive thumbnail. Make a nice looking thumbnail as many people look at the thumbnails to decide in which videos to watch. So, have an attractive thumbnail. Also, try to aim for videos which are more than 10 minutes long. Try to hit 14-15 min of video length. Longer videos tend to rank higher than shorter ones.

So, plan your content so that your video is longer than 10 minutes. But you can’t be boring. If for some reason you have an idea which is not much long then try to make it around 5-7 minutes.

Add a nice description to the video clearly describing the video and post relevant links to your other content and mention them in your video. Putting timestamps whenever applicable is a good practice as well. Try to put keywords and tags in the description and learn about meta tags.

Research Your Niche and Audience:

This is a very crucial tip which many people never do which is why they can’t grow on YouTube. You have to be practical. You cannot hope that everyone will like and want to see your videos. So, you have to find your target audience.

Research your niche to find who your audience is. Remember we talked about deciding on what your channel is going to be about. Once you have done that you have to research that niche and audience and find out what works and doesn’t. See what your audience likes to see.

Analyze the performance of your videos and try to gain relevant insight into what is working for you. Once you have understood your audience then you can start rolling out content that they will like to see and then you will start getting good views. But you still won’t gain a tonne of views until you put your unique spin on the videos.

Be interactive and Develop a Relatable Personality:

Why do you think PewDiePie is so big? Does he make ground-breaking content? No, it is because we like his personality so much that he has become the most popular YouTuber on the planet.

Also, he tries to interact with his viewers on his videos and maintains a personality which you can relate with and is also entertaining. So, try to interact with your audience and respond to their comments once in a while. If you are still growing you can interact more. Ask suggestions for your next video.

This way you get a bunch of ideas for free while making your audience feel that they are included in the process. Try addressing or directly speaking to your audience in your videos too.
Try to be consistent on videos with your personality.

People should identify with you and find you entertaining. You can of course gradually change stuff if it is not working but do work on building a personality for your videos. It will help you gain a loyal subscriber base.

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Channel:

The last tip we can give us to utilise all social media platforms properly to promote your YouTube channel. If you already have a good following elsewhere then you can direct the traffic to your account. In your videos whenever you ask for suggestions or opinions on topics then ask them to tweet you with some hashtag. This will help you grow on Twitter as well as advertise there that you have a YouTube channel.

You can use similar tactics using your Instagram handle. Try uploading entertaining snippets of your videos on various social media platforms. Ask your friends and family members to like, subscribe and share your videos. They are the first people who are going to help you gain some views and subscribers.

These are some of the tips which you can follow to greatly improve YouTube subscribers and views. We wish all the best on your journey!

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